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Panel FOT 2023 - The Urgency of Making Focusing-Oriented Therapy More Findable

The Urgency of Making Focusing-Oriented Therapy More Findable


Guilherme Tostes

Guilherme Wykrota Tostes (PhD) is a University Professor at the Medical Science School of Minas Gerais where he coordinates two Lato Sensu Postgraduate courses: 1) Phenomenological Existential Humanist Psychotherapy: PCA and FOT; 2) Psychopathology, Phenomenology and Mental Health. Through the phenomenological method, he researches the living experience of people who have mood swings, and people who self-harm. Currently he is also dedicated to Focusing-Oriented Therapy. He worked in the department of psychology of a psychiatric hospital for 13 years, where he was also the manager. Founder of Instituto Sapientia Cordis and Focusing Brasil, he also manages an NGO that provides psychotherapeutic care for people who are unable to pay.


Florentina Sassoli

Florentina Sassoli is a Counselor specialized in Personal Development, a Certifying Coordinator and a Focusing-Oriented Therapist. She has been teaching Focusing for more than 20 years. She is President of the Argentinian Civil Association of Focusing. Member of the Board of Directors of "The International Focusing Institute".



Cecilia Burgos

Cecilia Burgos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ceci Burgos She was introduced to Focusing in 1999 as part of the Body Centered Counseling training she undertook in Argentina. She continued her training and in 2003 got her certification as Focusing Oriented Therapist and Focusing Trainer. She has been a Coordinator since 2019. Interested in the felt
and conscious body, she explores different methods such as Eutonia, Tai Chi, Hakomi. She has been teaching focusing since 2004. Ceci lives with her husband and son in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Sergio Lara

Sergio A. Lara Cisternas - I am a 'seeker of truth and justice' who, for many years, has worked communicating values of unity, pluralism and diversity in different areas of human work, both social, psychological and spiritual, in psychotherapy, in teaching, in research and in the spreading of Focusing, Mindfulness, body-emotional work and Spirituality. I’m a Focusing Certifying Coordinator with TIFI, Director of the IFDI Institute (Institute of Training and Integral Transpersonal Development). I train in  Focusing and FOT, and in developing APR and the philosophy of the implicit, along with the development of emotion and consciousness through body activation methods. I’m a Lover of music, of beautiful places and also love connecting with life and our roots."


Natalia Calvino

Moderator - Natalia Calviño is a Certifying Coordinator with TIFI, a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and a Supervisor for therapists . She  teaches the whole Focusing Certification and FOT Program, (in English and Spanish) and especially enjoys training and supervising Therapists, as well as her work with clients both in an individual and group basis. My work in Trauma and Addiction has been richly influenced by one of my dear mentors, Jan Winhall, and her Felt Sense Polyvagal Model, and I’m a Facilitator in her FSPM certificate course on the PVI (Polyvagal Institute) website.
Naty finds great value in Focusing as a way to reconnect with our real authentic selves… our essence, and in doing so, find this deeper connection with others, human, living beings, and our whole Universe.
“This is for me a way of Being, and my everyday goal …to be connected to my Higher Self, my essence, my spirit/ heart/soul… that place where I feel whole, and, at the same time, part of the whole, sensing myself, the earth, the sky, and all the beings around me, in their true light, beyond conditionings, adopted patterns and survival behaviors… In love.”