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Jim Iberg FOT 2023

Jim Iberg

Jim Iberg - Three phases of Focusing Often Seen in a One-hour Therapy Session
In this presentation, Jim will describe the three phases, talk about how they present, and take responses and questions from participants.

It is when a client/Focuser moves from the first phase to the second that their issue comes alive in their body, and the urgency of finding new and better ways to proceed is felt, and the potential to find these new ways is activated.

Jim finds that the most effective way to bring the client to the second phase is classical client centered listening. In the second phase, our knowledge of Focusing sharpens our ability to respond in facilitative ways. 

Jim Iberg has been a Focusing oriented therapist for over 40 years. He did his dissertation under Gene Gendlin, and his dissertation studied these phases. He was one of the early Coordinators, and has done Focusing training in the US, Europe, and Japan.

He is semi-retired, but still enjoys a limited psychotherapy practice in the Chicago area.