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Harriet Teeuw and Rene Veugelers FOT 2023

Harriet Teeuw
Rene Veugelers

Harriet Teeuw & Rene Veugelers - Down to earth!  A Dynamic Expressive process with children and teenagers

Working as an FOT with children and teenagers, is a dynamic expressive process, in which you need to be unconditionally present in the now; with your own process, with the interaction and with the FS of the client. We call this, listening in three directions. From this basic attitude and holding, something fresh will always unfold from an unknown deeper layer, through Emerging Body Language, in a metaphor, in symbolization or something else. We create space for everything, making contact and contract. And we have an interactive connection with the process to let the transformation unfold itself.

In our 2 hour presentation we will do exercises, show clips, deepen our topic and create time for questions

People will get from our presentation:
How to create space for body aliveness and awareness
How to listen in three directions
How to Build connection and explore aspects that are (implicit) alive
How to Explore and deepen bodily Felt Senses

Who is this presentation for?
Everyone interested in freeing up their vital life force for deepening the Focusing process! Particularly useful for therapists of all modalities.

How may this presentation help your practice?
Provide an added dimension to your practice and practical tools to be and work with clients.

Harriet Teeuw & Rene Veugelers are TIFI registered FOT, Focusing Coordinators and Art therapists for Adults and Children. They have many years experiencing the richness of FOT, Art therapy, Nonverbal communication and Focusing. They integrate these approaches and methods into their work and their international trainings: