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Focusing Academy 2024 - Karen Whalen full class description

The flow of the day in Karen Whalen's Main Class

Relational Wholebody Focusing for Everyday LIfe 
Finding the Wholeness of MindBodyHeartSpirit of Self as an Everyday Possibility for Healing my Inner and Outer Relationships

To begin each day....
Using a safe and simple experiential process, Relational Wholebody Felt Sensing,  we will begin each day with an embodied relational attunement, inviting us to taste ourselves in our Wholeness and Naturalness (10 Minutes).

Following this, I will offer a brief powerpoint that names 2 or 3 key concepts (5 minutes) and offer clear and everyday examples of how to apply these concepts in everyday relationships (5 minutes)

Then we will...
follow each short clear presentation of some aspect of Living from Wholeness of Self as a relational being, with a living demo between Karen and an experienced practitioner of this method.  Students will be invited to share their own resonant human wholebody heartfelt response and observations to the demo and ask any questions.  (Total of 30 Minutes)

Students will then be invited to try out this simple and powerful practice of Relational Wholebody Focusing....
Inside of an experiential real time Focusing interaction with another participant in the workshop. (25 Minutes)

Following this experiential interactive Focusing in dyads....
We will return to the large group to share observations and ask questions inside of a safe and supported Wholebody Heartfelt We space (10 Minutes)
Depending on time available, students will view a second demo of Relational Wholebody Focusing and get a chance to observe, discuss and share their unique points of view.

To finish each day...
We will take time to gather the essence of our principle "take aways" from the morning session.   This Wholebody Heartfelt sharing in group allows integration and consolidation of new learning and new carrying forward applications.

I very much look forward to meeting you over our 4 mornings together at the Focusing Academy  this coming May.

The Themes for Each of Four Days of my Course Offering:

1) Flowing with Wholeness of MindBodyHeartSpirit of Self: Using Relational Wholebody Felt Sensing to taste my Essence as Me
2) Containing, Nurturing and Growing my Inner Naturalness as a Relational Being: Relational Wholebody Felt Sensing
3) Holding Both my Social Coping Mechanisms (with wisdom) and the New Emergent Relational Wholebody Wanting and Knowing
4) From Me to We: The Golden Bough of Reciprocity and Wholebody Human Relationships of Mutuality

Final Consolidation and Integration: Relational Wholebody Focusing as a Lifelong Practice: Trusting and Dialoguing with my Implicit Relational Body Wisdom