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Dennis Windego FOT 2023

Dennis Windego

Dennis Windego

Anishinaabeg People’s Natural Healing Rites of Passage and The Felt Sense

Anishinaabeg people’s connection to land, elements, and medicines are universal to natural healing processes through rites of passage and the felt sense.  Participants will be introduced to Anishinaabeg teachings, ceremonies, and experiential exercises, and healing to Mino-Biimaadizewin (The Good Life).

Participants will:

Build a safe and sacred ground to unravel trauma.

Connect to land, medicine, elements, for healing.

Sitting and listening to the felt sense in land-based healing.

Healing trauma & oppression in Canada.

Collective felt sense vs Individual felt sense (We, I, We)


Dennis Windego (MSW, FOT)

Dennis Windego is from the traditional lands of the Anishinabeg community of Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation in northwestern Ontario.  Dennis follows the teachings of his late father which guides his decolonizing approach to mental health, addictions, grief, and healing trauma.  Dennis develops and facilitates community land-based, culturally relevant FOT programs.  He is a Focusing Coordinator with the Focusing Institute in New York, and a Focusing-Oriented Therapist (FOT).  Through his personal healing journey, he lives the natural felt sense wisdom of his late mother’s words, “don’t forget who you are and where you come from”.