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Charlotte Howorth FOT 2023

Charlotte Howorth

Charlotte Howorth - The Doing in the Saying
Gene Gendlin was a psychotherapist and talked about how it is 'the doing in the saying’ that is so important in FOT.  Central to his philosophy of the implicit is that we are interaction, what we are made of is interaction.  This means that we as therapists need to be ‘the interaction that makes it better'.  In this respect FOT is relational at is core.
In this presentation Charlotte will talk about Gene’s concept of interaction first, and how as FOT therapists, more importantly than getting our clients to focus, we need to be focusing ourselves into what the interaction is needing.
Charlotte will show a video excerpt of a demonstrations where she is ‘being the interaction that makes it better’ which we’ll discuss as a class.
In addition, Charlotte will lead the group through a guided group exercise where participants think of a difficult client/personal interaction and sense into what that interaction is needing to help carry it forward.

Charlotte Howorth, LCSW has been practicing FOT for the last 24 years and used to teach TIFI 2-year certification course for both therapists and non- therapists and has taught this program for over 14 years.  For the past 4 years she continues to teach this course independently.  Charlotte was also a member of faculty and teacher for FORP (Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy).  In addition, she has taught focusing workshops and retreats internationally.  Charlotte was Clinical Director of a social work agency for many years (Center for Human development and Family Services, NYC) and is currently in private practice working with individuals, couples, and groups, as well as teaching Focusing Oriented Therapy, and working in with in organizations.