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Agnes Windam FOT 2023

Agnes Windram

Agnes Windram - Benefits of FOT and an experiential framework in the treatment of chronic eating disorders. A clinical case study
The presentation will focus on the case of a client in her thirties suffering from eating disorders since early childhood. After being in therapy for the last 20 years, she wanted to try a more experiential approach. After working together weekly using FOT for the last 6 months, she started to develop a new relationship to her body, feelings, senses, as well as creating new ways of interacting with significant others. Little by little, her relation to food becomes more manageable and less anxiety-provoking. I would like to share with you how by experiencing FOT, she has created a brave space for herself, become more present to her felt senses, and built her own way of being in interaction with herself and others.

Agnes Windram is a multilingual FOT Psychotherapist who has practiced and lectured on psychotherapy, trauma and body movement, supervised and coached counselors and facilitated learning in both University and Professional Training settings in Europe, South America, Asia and USA.

She specializes in experiential psychotherapy to facilitate clients’ process towards holistic self-awareness, aliveness, and connectedness. She is also trained in multiple trauma resolution modalities and has worked in various clinical settings.

She works closely with groups suffering from eating disorders and uses FOT as a foundational approach. She witnessed the significant benefits of emphasizing the role of the body, voice, and nature to create a path towards resiliency, self-empowerment, and congruent connections to oneself and others.