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Aaffien de Vries FOT 2023

Aaffien de Vries

Aaffien de Vries - Finding ground in an unstable and frightening world
War, the threat of war, violence, natural pollution and disasters, earthquakes, flooding’s, cyclones, pandemics – so many threats. So much unsafety around us. And many people have also to deal with internal experienced unsafety. How can we survive and find meaning in our live in the center of so many threats of our existence? How can we deal with so much frightening circumstances? In this workshop we will learn and practice with holding the anxiety and finding ground in ourselves and to help our clients to deal with all this and find inner stability.

Goals: in this workshop you:

·       Enhance / find skills to hold the uncertain and threatening of life

·       Will find a way to explore and keep in touch with your own base

·       Will experience the power of togetherness

·       Will enhance your inner resilience

·       Gain handles to be able to help your client finding their way of coping the threats of their lives.

Aaffien is a Focusing trainer and Certifying Coordinator and has a full Focusing Practice in the Netherlands. She offers individual guiding, workshops for many different audiences; trainee programs; she teaches Focusing to professional caretakers (psychologists, counselors, coaches etc) and offers a two-year program Focusing in Therapy. Besides a Focusing professional she is trained as a counselor specializing in Existential Well-Being. Her special interests include: Incorporation of Focusing (attitude) in daily life and work; The relation between Personal Growth, Connection and Responsibility; Obedience and Inner Critic patterns.