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We’re very proud of the work being done through the Gendlin Research Center. Since 2017, it has established itself as the centralized home of research in experiential philosophy and psychology. And still more research is needed!

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Please give to help further the important work of the Gendlin Research Center.

Grant recipients

Dr. Siebrecht Vanhooren and Dr. Mohamed Altawil, recipients of the Gendlin Grant for Research in Psychology 

These are the projects we need your help to fund:

Psychology Grants – The Gendlin Center has given out two grants so far, which have furthered research in the experience of meaning in life as well as in the use of Focusing to relieve symptoms of PTSD. Your donations will help us to continue to fund important research to provide evidence for the efficacy of Focusing.

Philosophy Prizes – This year, in addition to the psychology prizes, we will offer prizes to graduate students and professors of philosophy for papers on Gene’s philosophy. Your support of these prizes will help deepen further research on Focusing within the Philosophy field.

Gendlin Symposium – In April 2021, our first symposium was a great success in attracting more academic interest in Gene. We are planning to host another symposium in 2023. Your donation will help cover the costs of planning and hosting the symposium.

Revision of Exp Scale, Crowdsourcing and Testing of Scale – Members of the Gendlin Research Center are updating the Experiencing Scale to facilitate further research on Focusing. Your donation will help fund their work on this project.

Your support will increase the impact of the Gendlin Center’s research projects as well as making other projects possible.

You can donate specifically to the Gendlin Legacy Fund or make a general donation. Thank you!


Over the past several years, we’ve been building a new “home” at our website. Now, it’s time for Gene to move in with us! Until now, the Gendlin Online Library has remained housed on our old website. This is because it was important to us to move the GOL only when we were prepared to do so without disrupting this precious resource.

Now, we are ready for Gene to move in with us! We have an excellent team that can move the GOL the right way, ensuring that we maintain all that is great about it. This move will also give us the opportunity to add some of Gene's articles which were never fully added to the GOL.

A migration to our new website will ensure the stability of the library. It was wisely built, and so, although it is quite old, it does still function well. However, it is time now for an upgrade so that it will remain an uninterrupted treasure well into the future. Your support will enable us to move Gene’s work to an updated, complete, and reliable new home.

When a person moves from one house to another, they take great care to wrap up their most precious items. In the same way, we need to make sure Gene’s library makes a smooth move to its new home. Please pitch in so that we can maximize the funds available for this important project.

Adding to Gene’s legacy

Dave Young

Dave Young is a wonderful Focuser who recorded a series of discussions with Gene in the several years before Gene passed. Dave transcribed the discussions, and they are exciting to read.  There are themes which became central to Gene during his final years, and provide rich new insights upon his thought.  

We are eager to have these conversations made available to you!  They greatly enrich Gene’s existing works.  Please donate to help us prepare them for publication.

Our plan is to publish them as a series of booklets that map out themes, attention pointers, and Focusing suggestions. We will “roll out” these transcripts over the next several years, beginning with a booklet centered on “The Larger System.”

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