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Thank You TIFI Donors

Thank You


31 January 2024

We have an amazing, generous community!

THANK YOU to every one of you who gave a financial gift of any size in 2023. Smaller donations really add up and carry us forward at a steady pace, while larger donations allow us to make big strides. Every donation counts and we appreciate each and every one!  Thank you for being part of making Focusing findable.

Many of you give during our end-of-year matching gift season.  Seeing you step up really encourages our larger donors that we have a broad base of support.  For the fifth year in a row, we met our $10,000 matching goal!

Your generosity allows us to have sliding scales on all our programs.  It allows us to make constant improvements on our website, to create new initiatives and to continue to serve our members.

Once more, thank you!

Donors in 2023

Canaday Family Trust

In honor of David Rome
by his brother

RSF Social Finance

Erna de Bruijn &
Christine Langeveld

Andy & Kiki Schaffer
Charitable Foundation

The Bruce and Barbara Kantner
Donor Advised Fund

NY Metro Focusing

Estate of Gloria Valle


Barbara Altwegg

Amichai Amar

Ivo Banaco

Sharon Bauer

Jill Benet

Blake Biery

Beatrice Blake

Annie Bloch

Susan Bogas

Loraine Bradley

Marjorie Burnett

Gabrielle Byers

Beverly Calderon

Calliope Callias

Cynthia Callsen

Iain Campbell

Sicong Cao

Karen Carmeli

Patricia Carpenter

Wendy Charters

Nan and Paul Christensen

Judith Cobb

Darryl Commings

John Connolly

Therese Conway

Ann Weiser Cornell

Ronan Culhane

Constance Cushman

Daphna Daily

Alberto Dalle Rive Carli

Adam de Jong

Susan Deisroth

Frederique Dekker

Johannes Dekker

David del Sole

Barbara Dickinson

Mark DiMassimo

Mikella DiSiena

Jill Drummond

Karin Dubowick

Annette Dubreuil

Robert Elliott

Brian Esch

Rosie Fanale

Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Ilka Franke

Doralee Grindler Katonah

Cassell Gross

Katarina Halm

Susan Harris

Cornelius Hassell

Eileen Heavey

Isabelle Hernandez

Charles Herr

Angela Hicks

Naomi Horio

Sharon Hough

Jamie Hutchinson

James Iberg

Joke Janmaat

Ruediger Jansen

Mary Jennings

Ran Johnson

Susan Jordan

Sharon Kaylen

Rita Kirsch

Joan Klagsbrun

Steffani Knigge-Plica

Melanie Korpi

Kevin Krycka

Mary Jeanne Larrabee

Nina Lawrence

SungMi Lee

Susan Lennox

Ming Li

Florien Linck

Leanne Logan

Rafael López Castaño

Angelo Lottaz

Alison Lufkin

George Lufkin

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo

Wendi Maurer

Dorcas McDonald

Kathleen Mcgrath

Goldie Milgram

Nelle Moffett

Judith Mohl

Eveline Moor

Sharon Murphy

Frank O'Neill

Maxine Olson

Martina Oschkinis

Donald Padelford

Karen Pasquini

Carole Pentony

Germana Ponte

Serge Prengel

Luis Quiros

Laury Rappaport

Laura Read

Kimberly Reda-Wilson

Lily Revere

Alfred Rindlisbacher

Ruth Rosenblum

Beilah Ross

Susan Rudnick

Viola Rusche

Rosella Salari

Sylvia Salomon

Andrew Schaad

Scott Scherer

Romana Seljak

Janet Smith

Elizabeth Speece

Hiroko Takashima

Abigail Tischler

Julia Townsend

Terry Travers-Davin

Veronica Urioste

Tobias von Schulthess

A.J. Vries

Piotr Wardawy

Karen Weiss

Michiel Westra

Rosemarie Whitacre

Jan Winhall

Anthony Winiski

Ying Zhang

Sonia Zuccato Jacquelin