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Milestones June 2024


We are happy to congratulate 1 new Coordinator, 2 new Coordinators-in-Training (CiT's), 13 new Certified Focusing Professionals (including Trainers and Focusing-Oriented Therapists) and 1 new Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) recipient. Those listed are as of May 31, 2024. Congratulations to each of them on their achievement. We wish them all the very best in their ongoing endeavors!

New Coordinator

Joanna Kaczmarek

Joanna Kaczmarek, Poland (Polska)

Mentoring Coordinator: Claude Missiaen

Joanna Kaczmarek is a sociologist and Focusing-oriented psychotherapist certified by the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Society for Integrative Experiential Psychotherapy and Social Education INTRA. At the INTRA Center, she works as a supervisor, trainer and lecturer.

Since September 2021, Joanna has been leading the Polish Focusing Institute, organizing its structure and spearheading activities within the Institute. In this role, she has developed certification paths and works to build a community of Focusers by establishing a social media presence, organizing workshops, and exploring new ways to promote Focusing in Poland.  (You can read more about the Polish Focusing Institute in the News Feed from June 19, 2024.)

She is co-author of the book Experiencing and Psychotherapy, and runs a private practice at the Sensum Center for Psychotherapy and Development where she has been a co-owner since 2005.

New Coordinators-in-Training

Cristina Calle Cordero, Spain
Mentoring Coordinator: Gabriela Riveros Aguilar
Supporting Coordinators: Edgardo Riveros, María Luiza Rocha de Andrade and Tomeu Barceló

Margarita Gutierrez-Bolivar, Spain
Mentoring Coordinator: Mentxu Martín-Aragón
Supporting Coordinators: Josep Santacreu, Sergio Lara and Natalia Calviño

New Certified Focusing Professionals 

Ioana Tomozeiu, Romania
Coordinators: Georgeta Niculescu and Florentina Palada

Hiromi Tanno, Japan
Coordinators: Naomi Horio and Yasushi Kuba

Farrukh Akhtar, UK
Coordinators: Kay Hoffmann and Peter Gill

Anna-Katharina Lenz, US
Coordinator: Jo Kennedy

Danielle McShine, France
Coordinators: Harriet Teeuw and René Veugelers

Mavra Root, UK
Coordinators: Peter Gill and
Annette Dubreuil, CiT

Regina Fanjul, Guatemala
Coordinator: Laury Rappaport

Dimitrios Chrysafogeorgos, Greece
Coordinators: Anna Karali and
Pavlos Zarogiannis

Gloria Muños Garcia, Spain
Coordinator: Marta Fabregat

Giuseppina Marletta, Italy
Coordinator: Patrizia Bonaca

Lihua Zhang, China
Coordinator: Hong Mei

Mei Ching Mandy Cheung,
Hong Kong, China
Coordinator: Peter Cheung

Julia Richling, Germany
Coordinator: Ann Weiser Cornell

Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Awards (PFP)

Michelle Tamara, Australia
Teacher: Jo Kennedy