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ILC Update August 2023

ILC Leadership Council


ILC Leadership Council Members

(Japanese translation here

Hello, Focusing community. The International Leadership Council (ILC) continues to meet two times per month. Yongwei Xu, from China, has had to step away from the ILC for personal reasons, but is welcome to return and finish her term if and when she is able. We wish Yongwei all the best.

Currently, we are in the process of discussing a number of issues as we work towards clarifying the roles, responsibilities, and relationships among the ILC, the Board, the Coordinators, and the Focusing community.

Being a part of the ILC truly is a wonderful opportunity to gather and work in a totally Focusing way. Words can have such different meanings in different languages, which reflects what Janet Klein meant when she spoke about our bodies’ ability to discern different meanings based on our lived experiences. By listening from the felt sense, we can allow the words to come that fit our intention, regardless of the language. This is much easier said than done, as it takes time to accomplish a task. Our learning is that the process we use allows for an outcome that reflects and is responsive to the Focusing community.

As an example, take the word “representative” inside; what does that mean to you? What might it mean to others from different countries? or translated into different languages? How might we find a word that would more accurately reflects the relationship between the ILC and the Board or the Coordinators? It is precisely these discussions and dilemmas that we work towards resolving as we further document the roles and relationships of the Coordinators.

One of the other opportunities we have as members of the ILC is to meet and greet new Coordinators. It is exciting to see the ranks continue to grow in countries across the globe.

If you're a Coordinator, you may have already heard that we are arranging another opportunity for Coordinators to gather via Zoom to connect and discuss issues that are relevant to them. We have scheduled two session times for Sunday, October 8, 2023. Coordinators, please check the Coordinators-only page on for details. (You can find it by first going to the Members-Only page.) We hope you find time to connect and share with us.