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Invitation to Apply Dr. Janet Klein Scholarship 2024


Online (with option to be in person in Connecticut, USA) 
October 6 - October 11, 2024

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Janet Klein

Invitation to Apply for Dr. Janet Klein Scholarship

Thanks to the family of Dr. Janet Klein and other generous donors, scholarship money is available to help you attend the Weeklong for Advanced Focusers.


The International Focusing Institute and Dr. Klein's family established a fund to continue her legacy in the Focusing world. This scholarship promotes her vision of an international community where anyone with a passion for Focusing has access to the training and connections available at the Weeklong.

Applicants should:

  • demonstrate commitment and capacity to spread Focusing
  • be members of The International Focusing Institute (preferably having been members throughout their training)
  • be appropriate for attendance at the Weeklong, ready for certification or already certified (with some rare exceptions)
  • need financial assistance to attend
  • note that Coordinators and Coordinators-in-Training are not eligible, as they automatically receive a 50% reduction off tuition


If you are interested in participating in this year’s Weeklong, talk to your Coordinator and ask him or her to nominate you for this scholarship.

The size of an individual’s scholarship will depend on economic need and available funds.  You may request up to full tuition (whether online or in person) and full room and board (if you wish to attend in person).  Please note that travel expenses are not covered by the scholarship.

Deadlines: We must receive the letter from the Coordinator recommending the applicant AND all materials from the applicant by July 30, 2024.  We will let you know by the beginning of September (possibly earlier) whether or not you have received a scholarship.


  1. Recommendation from the Coordinator of approximately 250 – 500 words.  Your Coordinator should explain what makes you appropriate for the scholarship, based on the criteria listed above.
  2. Letter of interest from the applicant, explaining your background in Focusing, interest in spreading Focusing and amount of funds requested.  Length should be approximately 500 to 750 words.  

    All applications must be in English, although duplicate materials in your own language may be submitted as well, if desired.

The applicant should send the Coordinator's recommendation along with their letter of interest in the same email to [email protected].  You are also welcome to contact us at any time with any questions.