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Equity in Membership

We are proud to have launched our new membership and certification pricing structure!

TIFI members map

In 2022, the Board, the International Leadership Council and the Membership Committee all enthusiastically endorsed a change in our schedule of membership rates and certification fees, to take effect in 2023. The goal of this change is to make our pricing structure more equitable and more transparent.

The Institute has long recognized that our costs for membership and certification needed to vary depending on where members live, due to wide disparities in national economies and currencies. Members in the United States have always paid higher rates. We also have "Group 2" countries, which pay about 75% of US rates, and "Group 3" countries which pay about 50% of US rates.

For equity, we have now added 3 more groups. This is because there are many countries whose national economies are far less than 50% the strength of the US economy. Each successive new group (Groups 4, 5 and 6) will pay a lower percentage of US rates, approximately in keeping with their national economies.

For transparency, we have now placed countries in their group based on their per capita Gross National Income. While no method is perfect, this allows for greater transparency. In the past, it was not clear why some stronger economies were in Group 3, while some weaker ones were in Group 2. Also, over time, a national economy might grow stronger or weaker. This gives us a way to determine when to move a country from one group to another.

This page (found in the "Membership" area of shows the new groupings, which came into effect on January 1, 2023.

Note that we have not raised rates in any grouping. For almost all countries, this change in our schedule will mean either no change, or (because of the addition of lower groupings), a lowering of rates. Two countries (Israel and China Mainland & Hong Kong) have been re-categorized to a higher group than previously.

Thank you to those of you who have responded with such enthusiasm to these changes. This is an important part of our effort to live more and more honestly into our name of "international." Many of you have expressed that it feels good to know that each is carrying their weight in a way that feels right and just.

Answers to some questions which have been asked about our new membership schedule:

1. Why use Gross National Income as the measure?
We are well aware that there are an endless number of factors which determine an individual's (or a group's) ability to pay. Income is only one factor; other factors include the availability of low-cost health care, national unemployment protection, or family wealth. In order to meet the goal of transparency, we had to pick a means of measurement. National income level is, for us, a good enough measure for providing greater transparency and equity.

2. Many TIFI members are from the upper class in their country, and so they could afford more. Shouldn't we account for that?
What's important to us is to make membership accessible to those of few resources. If someone is blessed with having resources above and beyond the prices in our schedule, we warmly invite them to give donations in addition to their membership or certification costs!

3. Does this mean that rates will be revised each year?
It is our intention to revisit these groupings every few years, not every year.

4. My rate has increased with no notice. Is it OK for me to pay the old rate?
For those in Israel and China (Mainland and Hong Kong), this change came with no advance notice.  We are happy to accept 2021 rates through 2023 upon request.  Simply write to us to pay the old rates. We ask that members in Israel and China budget for the posted rate by January 1, 2024.

5. What if I can't afford these prices?
For annual membership, we very much value our connection with you, and so we are always happy to work with you based on the resources available to you. For certification, it is our policy to help you pay over time if it is difficult to pay in one lump sum.

For details on the new fees, visit this page