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Doctoral Dissertations



This list of doctoral dissertations was compiled by Akira Ikemi, Hideo Tanaka and Kumiyo Sakai.  It lists doctoral dissertations conducted on Focusing, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and Gendlin’s Philosophy as well as research studies using Focusing and its related methods, such as Thinking at the Edge (TAE) and the Experiencing Scale (EXP) in their methodologies.  We have excluded studies where Focusing or Gendlin’s philosophy were referenced but were not used as major components of the dissertations.  For better understanding, the titles were translated into English.  Viewers can click on the links to see the dissertation titles in their original languages.  We have compiled this list from databases, but we know that we are missing more dissertations.  If you find that your dissertation (or another dissertation you're aware of) is missing from the list, please inform us at the Gendlin Center. Also, if you spot mistakes or missing information, we appreciate your help in fixing them. 

Australia Doctoral Dissertations
Jeremy Mah, PhD (2020), Focusing-oriented transformative coaching: Supporting the journey of personal and social change, Doctoral Dissertation, Macquarie University
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Claudia Núñez-Pacheco, PhD. (2018) Designing aesthetic experiences from the body and felt sense, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Sydney

Belgium Doctoral Dissertations
Siebrecht Vanhooren, Ph.D. (2015) Loss of Meaning, Meaning-making Processes, and Posttraumatic Growth among Prisoners, KU Leuven
Open Access

Mia Leijssen, Ph.D. (1996). Focusing processes in person-centered and experiential psychotherapy  KU Leuven (Dutch).  
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Brazil Doctoral Dissertations
Messias, J.C.C. , Ph.D. (2007) The plural in focus: A study on group experience
Doctoral Thesis, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (Portugese)

Canada Doctoral Dissertations
Jean-Luc LeBlanc (1999). Eugene T. Gendlin's perspective on science: A critical examination (Doctoral dissertation, University of Ottawa)

John J. Shea (1980). Toward a process understanding of religious experience: William James and Eugene Gendlin (Doctoral dissertation, University of Ottawa)

Barbara Wilkes Davison (1975). Methods for effectively generating and developing self-experiencing and empathy: the communication workshop, Gendlin's promising instrumentations, hot spot focusing instructions, centreing (Doctoral dissertation, University of Waterloo)
No Links Available

Marlene D. King (1975). Between two worlds: the story of a boy, a case study in experiential psychotherapy (Doctoral dissertation, University of Alberta)
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Germany Doctoral Dissertations
Tony Hofmann, Ph.D. (2017). Experiential Communication: How can complex situations be dealt with successfully?  Doctoral dissertation, University of Würzburg (German). 

Japan Doctoral Dissertations
Miho Yamada, Ph.D., (2021) Therapist's embodied empathy in psychotherapeutic practice: The use of dance/movement and felt sense Doctoral Dissertation, Gakushuin University (Japanese)

Tomoko Hirano, Ph.D., (2020) A Study on focusing for human service professionals 
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Yoshiko Kosaka, Ph.D., (2020) Studies on the influences of symbol forms on symbolization of experiencing
Doctoral Dissertation, Taisho University (Japanese)

Atsushi Okada, Ph.D. (2020) Feelings, sensations and body imagery: Gains in bodily sensations and Focusing Attitudes,
Doctoral Dissertation, Tohoku University (Japanese)

Yusuke Tsutsui, Ph.D., (2020) Studies on the development of PCAGIP Dreamwork:
 How to find the meaning of dreams in a group
 Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Toshihiro Kawasaki. Ph.D., (2019) A Co-reflexive model of listening
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Rieko Kurino, Ph.D. (2019)  A Study of psychological and physiological responses on Focusing-Oriented music listening
Doctoral Dissertation, Aichi Shutoku University (Japanese)

Takako Higashiyama (Nakaya), Ph.D., (2018) A psychological study on the adaptive function of everyday focusing attitudes:
From the perspective of psychological health, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tsukuba (Japanese)

Atsushi Ishikura, Ph.D. (2018) Presenting a model of self-exploration among participants of T groups: A model supported by the theory of reflexive thinking and the theory of experiencing, Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Yasushi Kuba, Ph.D. (2018) The agency of the client: The psychotherapeutic significance of pointing to the phenomena, Doctoral Dissertation, Sophia University (Japanese)
(Clinical cases are omitted in the internet version for protection of their privacies.)

Shimpei Okamura, Ph.D., (2018) Studies on the functions of crossing in focusing
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Hideo Tanaka, Ph.D., (2018) The early days of focusing and the theory of experiencing: Studies on the background of how focusing was formed and practiced, Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese) (Summary in English)

Hideaki Fukumori, Ph.D., (2017) Everyday mode of experiencing that affects university students’ life: The attitude of respecting experiencing
Doctoral Dissertation, Kyushu University (Japanese)

Tsuyoshi Aoki, Ph.D., (2016) A Study on scales and clinical application of the focusing attitude   Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Keiji Takasawa, Ph.D. (2016) Structure-bound experiential manner and psychological distance Doctoral Dissertation, Hosei University (Japanese)

Ryuhei Koizumi, Ph.D. (2015) The theory and clinical practice of "thinking about" as a
method of focusing-oriented psychotherapy
Doctoral Dissertation, Nagoya University (Japanese)

Yasuhiro Suetake, Ph.D. (2014) Studies on the clinical significance of Gendlin's Process Model  Doctoral Dissertation, Hosei University (Japanese)

Hiroyuki Hoshika, Ph.D., (2013) The five experiential steps from imagery to carrying forward  Doctoral Dissertation, Mukogawa Women's University (Japanese)

Kumiyo Sakai, Ph.D., (2013) Studies on the awareness of feeling processes:
Empirical investigations of the theory of experiencing
Doctoral Dissertation, Rikkyo University (Japanese)

Tadayuki Murasato, Ph.D., (2011) On the philosophy of the implicit by E.T.Gendlin as a basis of psychotherapy Focusing and TAE,
Doctoral Dissertation, Hosei University (Japanese)

Daisuke Oshioka, Ph.D., (2011) Empirical studies in the constitution of psychotherapy training models utilizing verbalizations of the felt sense in group interaction
Doctoral Dissertation, Tokyo Seitoku University (Japanese)

Hiroyuki Uenishi, Ph.D.,(2011) Quantitative studies on focusing in daily life
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Kie Yano, Ph.D., (2011) Studies on the Interaction where the client’s life is carried forward in psychotherapy
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Maki Miyake, Ph.D., (2008) Rating the interview with the experiencing scale and the experiential response: A study of experiencing and psychotherapy
Doctoral Dissertation, Kansai University (Japanese)

Yuko Amano, Ph.D., (2007) A new method to deal with disliked felt senses:
A focusing method of understanding the felt sense of a precious other
 Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Asia (Japanese).

Akiko Doi, Ph.D., (2007) A study on the referencing process observed in the humanistic approach: How we touch down inside
Doctoral Dissertation, Kobe College (Japanese)

Yoshimi Itoh, Ph.D. (2006) Studies on creating space in focusing
Doctoral Dissertation, Nagoya University (Japanese)

Yuko Morikawa, Ph.D., (2005) Studies and development of a method to
bring the focusing manner of experience to daily life
Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Asia (Japanese)

Kiyoshi Hiramatsu, Ph.D., (1999) Basic clinical research on the interview process in sand play therapy
Doctoral Dissertation, Hyogo University of Teacher Education (Japanese)

Yasuyuki Kira, Ph.D., (1999) The presentation and empowerment of the concept of the sense of subjectivity in counseling
Doctoral Dissertation, Kyushu University (Japanese)

Yoshihiko Morotomi, Ph.D., (1992) Egoism and countering egoism in personality development
Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tsukuba (Japanese)

Puerto Rico Doctoral Dissertations
Peter Lehmann Sutphen, Ph.D.  (2000). Beyond the postmodern impasse: Understanding the constraint of meaning in narrative therapy through Gendlin's philosophy Doctoral dissertation, Carlos Albizu University  
No links available

United Kingdom Doctoral Dissertations
Jenny M. White, Ph.D.  (2017) A phenomenological enquiry into focusing on music
Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Anglia

Anna Magee, Ph.D. (2014) The creative dance of love and consciousness: An integral, phenomenological inquiry into the experiences of belonging and not-belonging Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Anglia.

Sarah Luczaj. Ph.D .(2015) Felt senses of self and no self in therapy
Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Anglia.

Alan Tidmarsh, Ph.D. (2013) An exploration of focusing-oriented therapy for addictions. Doctoral Dissertation, University of East Anglia

Greg Madison, PhD. (2005) 'Existential Migration': Voluntary Migrants' Experiences of Not Being-at-Home in the World. City University, London UK,%20Gregory%20%20Vol.%201.pdf

United States of America Doctoral Dissertations
Chia-Yun Chiang, Ph.D.  (2020). Focusing-oriented art therapy and connectedness: Art as a means to spiritual care for Asian seniors. Doctoral dissertation, Notre Dame de Namur University

William H. Sterner, Ph.D. (2018). The Science of Poetics and the Poetics of Science: Recovering Aristotle’s Empirical Science in the Context of Our Loss of Teleological Significances. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Chicago.

Leslie Anne Ellis, Ph.D.  (2015). Stopping the Nightmare: An Analysis of Focusing Oriented Dream Imagery Therapy For Trauma Survivors with Repetitive Nightmares  
Doctoral dissertation, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Rashmi Chidanand, Ph.D.  (2014). A quantitative study exploring the effects of Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy: Internet Protocol (FOAT-IP) on stress, anxiety, depression, and positive states of mind in South Asian women
Doctoral dissertation, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
No Links Available

Sarah Nokes-Malach, Ph.D. (2012) A Phenomenological-Hermeneutic Study of Adept Practitioners’ Experiences of Focusing. Doctoral Dissertation. Duquesne University.

Charlotte Leona Frye, Ph.D.  (2007). Educational implications of Gendlin's philosophy of experiencing
Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

William R. Dinneen, Ph.D.  (1997). Theoretical consistency between psychotherapy and psychotherapy research instruments: The Experiencing Scale and the Referential Activity Scale in experiential and psychodynamic psychotherapies
Doctoral dissertation, New School for Social Research
No Links Available

Letitia C. Hitz, Ph.D.  (1994). Effects of changes in experiencing level of therapist responses on client experiencing
Doctoral dissertation, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
No Links Available

Claudia A. Clark , Ph.D. (1990). A comprehensive process analysis of focusing events in experiential therapy  Doctoral dissertation, The University of Toledo
No Links Available

Randall Gus Oberhoff , Ph.D. (1990). The role of attention in experiential focusing
Doctoral dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin
No Links Available

William Thomas Swaine, Ph.D.  (1986). Counselor training in experiential focusing: effects on empathy, perceived facilitativeness, and self-actualization  
Doctoral dissertation, St. John's University, New York
No Links Available

Susan Porter Gantt, Ph.D.  (1984). A view of psychotherapy: an integration of experiential psychotherapy and existential-phenomenological philosophy
Doctoral dissertation, Georgia State University
No Links Available

Jerry Louis Jennings, Ph.D.  (1984). Experiential psychotherapy: its theory, research, clinical practice, and historical development
Doctoral dissertation, University of New Hampshire
No Links Available

Jack L. Loynes, Ph.D.  (1984). Effects of experiential focusing on anger experiences of separated or divorced men
Doctoral dissertation, Michigan State University
No Links Available

William Barbosa Gomes, Ph.D.  (1983). Experiential psychotherapy and semiotic phenomenology: a methodological consideration of Eugene Gendlin's theory and application of focusing Doctoral dissertation, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
No Links Available

Thomas M. Marino, Ph.D.  (1983). The effects of experiential focusing on group cohesiveness and the depth of group interaction
Doctoral dissertation, The University of Maine
No Links Available

Carol Adams Whatley, Ph.D.  (1983). Focusing in the composing process: the development of a theory of rhetorical invention based on the work in psychotherapy of Eugene T. Gendlin Doctoral dissertation, Auburn University
No Links Available

Jacqueline Henderson, Ph.D.  (1982). The effect of training with biofeedback and experiential focusing on increasing experiencing ability
Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California
No Links Available

Richard N. Bettinger, Ph.D.  (1981). Experiential focusing and letting go to experience
Doctoral dissertation, Boston University School of Education
No Links Available

Kevin Corcoran, Ph.D. (1980). Experiential focusing and human resource development: a comparative study of pre-conceptual and conceptual approaches to the training of empathy Doctoral dissertation, University of Pittsburgh
No Links Available

John F. Beckman, Ph.D.  (1979) An investigation into the effects of the existential-experiential training mode over time on the experiential focusing ability of counselor trainees.
Doctoral Dissertation, University of Southern California.
No Links Available

James Robert Iberg, Ph.D.  (1979). The effects of focusing on job interview behavior
Doctoral dissertation, University of Chicago
No Links Available

Jeanne Weiss King, Ph.D.  (1979). Meditation and the enhancement of focusing ability
Doctoral dissertation, Northwestern University

Bruce Warner Shackleton, Ph.D.  (1979). The interaction between ego development and experiential focusing in the process of creative thinking
Doctoral dissertation, Boston University School of Education

Jill M. Tarule, Ph.D.  (1978). Patterns of development transition in adulthood: an examination of the relationship between ego development stage variation and Gendlin's experiencing levels Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University
No Links Available

Francis William Chiappa, Ph.D.  (1977). Experiential focusing and the memory-monitoring process Doctoral dissertation, Case Western Reserve University
No Links Available

John Paul Gray, Ph.D.  (1976). The influence of experiential focusing on state anxiety and problem-solving ability
Doctoral dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology
No Links Available

Richard Riemer, Ph.D.  (1975/1976). Effects of brief reevaluation counseling on experiential focusing Doctoral dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
No Links Available

Linda Elaine Olsen, Ph.D.  (1975). The use of visual imagery and experiential focusing in psychotherapy  Doctoral dissertation, The University of Chicago
No Links Available

Rosanne Orenstein, Ph.D.  (1973). Comparison of two methods of teaching focusing to hospitalized psychiatric patients
Doctoral dissertation, Syracuse University
No Links Available

Dennis Lee Wack, Ph.D.  (1972). An exploratory study of experiential focusing
Doctoral dissertation, The Pennsylvania State University
No Links Available

Arthur M. Freedman, Ph.D.  (1971). Focusing ability and depth of experiencing
Doctoral dissertation, The University of Chicago
No Links Available

Alice Brill Platt, Ph.D.  (1971). The utilization of hypnosis to facilitate focusing ability
Doctoral dissertation, University of Chicago
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