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Your Path to Lasting Change, Part One

Focusing Level One and Two

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell
Jinevra Howard

Ann Weiser Cornell and Jinevra Howard

Where & When

Online via Zoom
9 Wednesdays, 10 AM - 12 PM, February 16 to April 13
Pacific Time

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Discover powerful skills for life change based on self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Start to experience the process of Focusing and Focusing partnership. Learn how to cultivate an inner environment of calm, open, curious awareness which is the foundation from which lasting change emerges. Interactive beginning Focusing training by Zoom for 9 weeks, includes partnership practice.

Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell (author of The Power of Focusing) and Jinevra Howard.

Includes videos, demos, readings, discussion, group exercises, and individual sessions.

What you learn in Part One

  • How to cultivate an inner environment of calm, open, curious awareness, as well as why that’s so important and what to do if you can’t
  • How to create an inner relationship with what you feel so change emerges naturally without being forced
  • Guidance and help with the various trouble-spots that can come up in the learning process
  • PLUS you’ll learn the surprising reason why trying to “fix” yourself doesn’t work to bring lasting change
  • What the research shows about the real key to change: a funny kind of body sense called a “felt sense”*
  • How to get a felt sense… and how to tell the difference between a felt sense and other body sensations
  • Why sensing what you feel without judgment is so important. How to sense what you feel without evaluating it and what to do when you evaluate anyway!



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Dates: February 16 to April 13

Times: 9 Wednesdays, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific


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