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Using Wholebody Relationships in Clinical Practice TM:

Carrying forward developmental deficits and transforming relational complex trauma with Relational Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy

Your Hosts

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Cultivating Wholebody Relationships in Clinical PracticeTM
Karen Whalen, Ph.D (Canada)
Roberto Larios, MD (Mexico)

Your Hosts

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Cultivating Wholebody Relationships in Clinical PracticeTM
Karen Whalen, Ph.D (Canada)
Roberto Larios, MD (Mexico)

Karen Whalen, Ph.D (Canada), Roberto Larios, MD (Mexico)

Where & When

Tuesdays, 2pm - 5pm, September 21, 2021 - June 21, 2024
Eastern Time

Online Joining Information

We meet once per month for 3 hours for classroom instruction and practice, and then again 2 weeks later, for practicum supervision.  Demo videos will be viewed by students prior to each class, so that classroom interaction is spacious, rich and co-emerging among all participants.

Meeting Format

Year One emphasizes developing a stable and living wholebody awareness of Self in relational grounded presence when companioning others.  Year Two emphasizes exploring each participant's unique wholebody and heartfelt responsive style to different kinds of people in different kinds of human interaction.  Working with Trauma and Complex Trauma will be the topic of Modules 3 and 4.  Students will be paired with course partners on a weekly practice, so that learned skills are internalized and consolidated.

Modules 5 and 6 involve a safely and richly held mentorship practicum process.  Students will guide and companion 6 new clients, into 12 sessions of Relational Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy.  This clinical applications process will integrate student knowledge and practice, while carrying them forward with confidence toward a new stage of wholebody inter-subjective explorations with their clients.

What will I experience?


Experience the Vitality of Wholeness of Self in Connection with the Client who may be Lost to Self: Connecting to Client Wholeness alongside their developmental deficits


Model and Entrain, for the Client, our Natural Living Moving Sensory-Kinetic Bodily Self of the Adult Present Moment Situation, in Connection with the Environment and our We Space


Recognize and Make Explicit Client and Therapist’s Similar and Contrasting Inner Working Models Underlying Developmental Attachment Styles and Inter-personal History


Connect to and Integrate the Primary Inner Directed Movements of the Baby, Child and Adolescent Bodies into an Expanded Adult Relational Wisdom Body


Find Inner and Outer Safety inside of Living Moving and  Co-Emerging WholeBody Relational Spaces for Therapist and Client


Hold my own Adult Living Moving Bodily Self Experience while being Touched by You and Your’s


Contain and Modulate my Triggered or Dissociated Response Patterns in Challenging Relational Situations with and for the Client


Learn to Trust and Follow the Whole Body’s Felt Sensing and Sensori-Energetic-Affective Signals and Movements as Doorways into Conscious Adult Relationship with the Client


Practise Wholebody Listening, Resonance and Inter-affecting Communication to Foster WholePerson Mutually Satisfying Relational Connection with the Client


Engage in Wholebody Heartfelt Conversations with Genuineness and Spontaneity: Building Relational Trust and Resilience in Intimacy with the Client


Discover the Natural Dynamic Process of Wholebody and WholePerson Co-Emergence Through Differences and Conflict: Navigating Enactments of Transference and Counter-Transference


Maintaining Self Stability and Flexibility while being Open to You in Challenging or Triggered Situations


Flow in the back and forth of Wholebody Shared Presence with Ease, Mutuality and Co-Movement to Facilitate new Developmental Attachment Neuro-Physiology Circuitry


Co-Creating Relational Life Narratives which Support the Wholeness of the Client’s  Adult Relationships in Everyday Life Now (and with the Therapist)


Meeting and Responding to the Client How and Where they Are from an Authentic  Grounded Presence Position of Wholebody Living Moving Openness of Self Emergence (as Therapist)


Please contact Karen at : [email protected] to arrange a required discernment session for entry to this professional development training program for clinicians

Registration Information

Please contact Karen at: [email protected] or at: [email protected]

Please contact Roberto at: [email protected]


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