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refresh and practice TAE moves

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Monika Catarina Lindner

Monika Catarina Lindner

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22.08.2023, 29.08.2023, 05.09.2023
European Central Time (ECT)

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Have you developed a project with TAE? Has that been a while ago as well? How has what emerged in your TAE process affected your daily life? Where do you stand with it now? Is your concept still coherent? Would you like to pick up the thread again?

In this workshop, you can link back to "old" TAE processes and formulated concepts to see where you are with them. An opportunity for you to engage with your process and formulated concept in a new way, taking into account what has happened in the meantime. 

TAE as a philosophical practice offers 14 steps to be able to express more and more to an intention than could be put into words before. Once you know the steps, they become flexible thinking movements at the edge of what can be said. In this course, you can get to know TAE movements 13 and 14 in particular. They are about how one's Theory can be continuously extended, modified and transferred to other areas. You will also learn variations of the thinking movements from phases 1 and 2. In this way you can deepen, vary and practice your TAE skills. 

Fundamental is the trustful mutual accompaniment in thinking at the unclear and meaningful edges of our projects. Between sessions, the exercises can be deepened in partnerships between participants. There will be time to reflect on the experience of this kind of thinking and to integrate it into our own practice of Focusing and TAE. To do this, we will also include key aspects of Gendlin's philosophy that help understand what constitutes a TAE process. 

The workshop will be held in English. If Spanish or German is your native language, I can support you with questions in these languages as well. 


[email protected]

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Please write me using the subject "TAE last steps"

[email protected]

Hours: 9 full hours 

Fee: 150€ (adaption to your situation possible, please let me know) 

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