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Please join us for this rich exploration of Thinking at the Edge!

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The International Focusing Institute with Beatrice Blake, Satoko Tokumaru, Teresa Dawson, Evelyn Fendler-Lee, Monika Lindner, Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brener

Where & When

Online (Class will also be recorded)
Saturday, April 15-May 10, 2023
New York time

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After registering, an email will be sent with the confirmation. If you don't see the email please check your Junk/Spam/Promotions folders.

Meeting Format
Registration will remain open through August 15, as the recordings are available through August 31, 2023. When you register, you will receive a link to a page that includes the recordings.
TAE-fest April 15 - May 10, 2023

Six stand-alone workshops: April 15, April 22, April 26, April 29, May 6, May 10

We welcome you to attend as many live as you are able

Your registration includes all workshops as well as the recordings

The recordings will be available until August 31, 2023
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Beatrice Blake April 15  ✦  Satoko Takumaru April 22  ✦ 
Teresa Dawson April 26  ✦ Evelyn Fendler-Lee April 29  ✦ 
Monika Lindner May 6  ✦  Dana Ganihar & Baruch Brener May 10

Thinking at the Edge (TAE) is a practice for bringing your felt ideas to life.  It is a methodology for learning to think with the felt sense, so that thought is integrated with the whole of our experiencing.  It is a powerful tool for moving from a vague sense of something we know to bringing those “somethings” to life. You can read more about TAE here.

The TAE-fest is intended as a light-hearted opportunity to explore TAE.  Six teachers will offer you opportunities to touch into the power of TAE. If you are a beginner, it allows you to explore the potential of TAE.  If you are already familiar with it, the TAE-fest can deepen and expand your experience. You'll get the most out of the TAE-fest if you have some background in Focusing, as the workshop leaders will presume that attendees have at least a basic understanding of felt sensing.


Four of the six workshops will be English only. One will be offered in Spanish with English translation and one in German with English translation. Read details below.



Beatrice Blake

Beatrice Blake (In Spanish and English)
Saturday, April 15th 11am - 1:30 pm New York time
your time here
(please note that Beatrice will speak in Spanish and those choosing English will be in a separate audio channel hearing the simultaneous English translation only)

Cómo los Pasos de TAE trabajan juntos para generar el cambio
Beatrice y unas de sus alumnas hispanohablantes de TAE compartirán sobre varios temas:

  • La experiencia de seguir el desarrollo de una sensación sentida a lo largo del tiempo. 
  • Cómo el instanciamiento refuerza nuestra confianza en nuestra sabiduría interna
  • Cómo fijarnos en los patrones en cada instancia nos ayuda a entender el significado de nuestras experiencias vitales y su influencia hoy en día.
  • La importancia de permanecer con sensaciones sentidas incómodas durante todo el tiempo que necesiten nuestra atención.
  • Cómo los pasos 4 y 5 aumentan nuestra capacidad de resonar con el significado sentido y decir lo que antes no podíamos expresar.
  • Pasos 10 y 11: poniendo todo junto en una frase que suene a verdad.

How do the steps of Thinking at the Edge work together to produce change?
Beatrice and some of her Spanish-speaking students will talk about:

  • The experience of following the development of a felt sense over time.
  • How instancing builds confidence in our inner wisdom
  • How noticing the patterns in each instance helps us understand the meaning of our life experiences and their influence today. 
  • The importance of staying with uncomfortable felt senses for as long as they need our attention
  • How steps 3, 4 and 5 increase our ability to resonate with felt meaning and put words to what we were previously unable to express
  • Steps 10 and 11: Putting it all together in a sentence that rings true.

Beatrice Blake fue certificada como Focusing Trainer en 2000 y realizó su primer curso de TAE en 2004 con Gene Gendlin, Nada Lou y Kye Nelson. Fue nombrada Coordinadora Certificante con TIFI en 2011. Enseña TAE en inglés y español desde 2012. Le encanta ver cómo el TAE da vida a la filosofía de Gendlin a medida que cada persona trabaja en su propio proyecto. Participantes aprenden los pasos del TAE mientras observan los procesos de transformación en todo el grupo.

Beatrice Blake became a Trainer in 2000 and took her first TAE course in 2004 with Gene Gendlin, Nada Lou and Kye Nelson. She has been a Certifying Coordinator with TIFI since 2011 and has been teaching TAE in English and Spanish since 2012. She loves to see how TAE brings Gendlin’s philosophy to life as each person works on their own project. Students learn about the TAE steps as they observe the transformative processes in the whole group.

Satoko Tokumaru

Satoko Tokumaru
Saturday, April 22nd 7am-9:30am New York time
Your time here

Enjoy Crossing
This workshop is to experience the crossing. Firstly, you feel the felt sense looking at a given photo and get words from the felt sense. Then do the crossing with your own words and words from others. Secondly, we do the same crossing with your own photo. Please bring a photo that is meaningful to you, connects to a memory, a feeling, or “something” and have fun!

Satoko is a professor at Kaichi International University, Japan. She also teaches at Tokyo University and Sophia University Graduate School. She is also a Certifying Trainer of The International Focusing Institute and has been applying Thinking at The Edge (TAE) for educational purposes. In recent years, she has been developing TAE as a qualitative research method. She wrote some books including Writing With TAE(Thinking At the Edge) and Qualitative research with TAE steps―thinking at the edge: theory and applications.


Teresa Dawson

Teresa Dawson (In German and English)
Wednesday, April 26th 12pm - 2:30pm New York time
your time here
(Notes: Teresa will speak in German and those choosing English will be in a separate audio channel hearing the simultaneous English translation only. Also, German speakers may register for this workshop separately if preferred

Handle als kreativer Teil des Klimawandels, wende TAE an
Die Klimakrise kann beängstigend sein und das eigene Handeln lähmen. Eigene Anstrengungen werden für sinnlos erklärt. Mit den ersten TAE-Schritten kann ein tieferes Wissen an die Oberfläche kommen und zum Ausdruck gebracht werden. Und es kann eine Perspektive für einen individuellen Beitrag zum Besseren entstehen. Ohnmacht kann in kreatives Handeln umgewandelt werden und der Resignation entgegenwirken. In diesem kurzen Workshop stelle ich einige Übungen vor, wie Sie die TAE-Schritte für sich selbst anwenden können. Vertrautheit mit dem Felt Sense wird vorausgesetzt.

Act as a creative part of climate change using TAE
The climate crisis can be frightening and paralyze one's own actions. Declaring one's own efforts pointless. With the first TAE steps, a deeper knowledge can surface and be expressed. And a perspective for an individual contribution for the better can emerge. Powerlessness can be transformed into creative action and counteract resignation. In this short workshop, I present some exercises on how you can apply the TAE steps for yourself. Familiarity with the Felt Sense is assumed.

Teresa Dawson, langjährige Koordinatorin in der Schweiz. Sie war seit dem allerersten TAE-Workshop dabei und organisierte zusammen mit Gene Gendlin mehrere deutschsprachige TAE-Workshops in Stonypoint. Sie setzt TAE-Schritte sowohl in Workshops als auch in Einzelsitzungen ein. Mittlerweile vor allem im Zusammenhang mit umweltpsychologischen Themen.

Teresa Dawson, longtime coordinator in Switzerland. She was there from the very first TAE workshop, together with Gene Gendlin organizing several German speaking TAE workshops in Stonypoint. She uses TAE steps in workshops as well as in individual sessions. Meanwhile mainly in connection with environmental psychology topics.

Evelyn Fendler Lee

Evelyn Fendler-Lee
Saturday, April 29th 10am-12:30pm New York time 
Your time here

Crossing in TAE
Crossing is a major concept of Gendlin’s philosophy about how the implicit works. In TAE, we apply several crossing practices to unlock our inner wisdom and create a conceptual structure or a theory from experience. 
The workshop will show how crossing is intrinsic to the TAE steps. We will talk about what can be crossed and what the practice of crossing requires. Exercises related to the TAE steps will allow you to experience crossing in various ways. 
Experiencing and understanding how crossing works in you enables you to apply crossing in many places – not just in a TAE process. 
You do not need to have TAE experience to participate. 

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee is a self-employed organizational psychologist, person-centered counselor, and Focusing-trainer with a former career as a material scientist and project manager working in research institutes and industry. 
She teaches TAE internationally and offers the Certification Training “Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts forward.” With Thetaland®-Services, she brings principles and practices of Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit to a broader audience, using the TAE-based Thetaland®-The Game of Inquiry she co-developed. 
She encourages deep and interactive thinking for original creations, profound change, and sustainable solutions in her work with individuals and teams. She pioneered applying TAE to innovation, teamwork, and leadership. Contact: [email protected];,

Monika Lindner

Monika Lindner
Saturday, May 6th, 10am - 12:30pm New York time
Your time here

Create Your Way of Living with TAE
We have the ability to adapt to many ways of life, even though they may be harmful. We often assume that we can’t influence this as it comes over us, from outside, from power places. What if we start with the question: what way of life do I actually want to adapt to?

TAE, according to Gendlin, has a social purpose: to help create a cultural environment which supports more valuable ways of living.

We start with ourselves, with a felt sense about a question, a concern, or the situation we find ourselves in, and begin to talk ourselves sentiently into a linguistic quality of life that feels coherent and carries us forward. In doing so, Gendlin says, TAE helps us confront language barriers that weave through our habitual cultural contexts. These can be taboos or, much more subtly, a social norm that we take for granted, even when it harms us.

In this workshop you will find guidance and accompaniment to gently approach something that is considered very "normal", but to which you feel a personal resonance that challenges this norm. We want to support each other as a group to create a space for a first-feeling and speaking into a more coherent normality and way of living. In doing so, we will use different thinking movements of TAE. The question will also be how this way of engaging with our ways of being could be cultivated as an everyday attitude and practice.

Monika is an educationalist with a focus on intercultural learning and works as a project manager and as a lecturer at a university. She is a certified Focusing Trainer and currently a Coordinator in Training. As an Experiential Concept Coach/Trainer (ECC) she specializes in teaching "Thinking At the Edge" (TAE). ECC is a 5-part coaching training based on "Thinking At the Edge" that teaches the application of the 14 steps for individual processes, for use in groups, and for creating an innovative (corporate) culture. She is a member of the international research group "Embodied Critical Thinking" ( at the University of Iceland.
Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brener

Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brener
Wednesday, May 10th 12:30pm-3:00pm New York time
Your time here

“Because It Is You” - TAE and the art of living
How does our uniqueness as human beings manifest through (but doesn’t begin with) our professional expertise? Initially, TAE was conceived as a practice to be implemented in one's field of expertise. However, we observed that the practice of TAE creates an opportunity to clarify for ourselves our own unique life movements, and our life wisdom. New terms more

Dana and Baruch are the founders of Shakio Institute, where we explore how Art, Focusing and Prayer can open us to the flow and wisdom of life going beyond categories and perceptions. They have been leading TAE workshops in Israel and internationally, with an emphasis on working with artists, researchers and creators from varied backgrounds.

Dana Ganihar, M.Sc. is a Focusing Coordinator since 2007. Over the last couple decades she has led numerous workshops and seminars exploring the work of psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin. Dana has initiated cooperative research exploring the potential impact of Focusing and TAE on diverse fields such as biology, architecture, creative writing and religion, in institutions including the Technion, Bar Ilan University and Tel Hai College.

Baruch Brener is an Israeli theater director, actor, singer, teacher, focusing trainer and an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. Over the last 25 years, he has been a leading innovator in integrating spiritual practices with experiential work in theater, movement and vocal arts. He was the artistic director of the Vertigo lab in the eco-art village, and a research fellow and member of Jerzy Grotowski theater ensemble. Baruch facilitates educational programs and workshops exploring religious and mystical traditions, with an emphasis on Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah and Hasidic philosophy - making them accessible to the general public.


We use Zoom videoconferencing for our online classes. The sessions will be held in meeting format so that all participants can see the presenters and each other. You will need to have a computer/mobile device. Calling in by phone is also possible but not preferred as participation will be limited. Breakout rooms (if utilized) are not recorded.


Regular Price $200   Modified Price $125   *Lowest Price $75

Three tier pricing. We welcome you to select the level right for you, while reminding you that if you have a reliable means of support and live in a country with a strong economy, we ask that you pay the regular price. By choosing the highest amount you are capable of paying you help make the sliding scale possible. Thank you! 
*Note: if the lowest price is not affordable for you please write to [email protected] to inquire about a scholarship.

For more information:
Contact Elizabeth at [email protected] or (845) 480-5111

Registration Details

Presenters are volunteering to offer this event to support The International Focusing Institute.

Registration will remain open until August 15, 2023 because recordings are available until August 31, 2023.

Registration Policies
Refunds: A full refund minus a $25 administrative fee for cancellations 14 days before the start date. Cancellations less than 14 days before the start date are nonrefundable. The International Focusing Institute reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule for insufficient enrollment or for other unanticipated reasons. In such cases you will be given a choice of applying your tuition to future programs, or having the full enrollment fee returned to you.

TIFI reserves the right to cancel, change and alter the program if necessary. Participants authorize TIFI to use their name, statements and likeness without charge, for promotional purposes in publications, advertising, video, web, new media, or other formats.

By registering for this course with the Institute, and in consideration of the right and opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Institute’s classes, for the purposes of its control of all video and/or audio recordings thereof pertaining to uses serving our purposes and goals, in enrolling in this session you acknowledge and agree to the Institute’s ownership of all rights in such classes, including all rights under copyright therein.  If you plan to use, post or display any portion or clips of these recordings, including posting these to a website or to a social media platform or portal, you agree that you will seek and obtain the prior approval of the Institute. In no circumstance shall any portion or clip posted or displayed exceed 3 minutes in duration.

At many of our events, we will end class by taking a screenshot. All those who don't want to be included will have the chance to leave. Taking screenshots for sharing (such as on social media) are not allowed at other times during the class. Thanks for your cooperation.

2023-03-16T12:00:00 - 2023-08-17T03:59:00

$ 200.00

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$ 125.00

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PLEASE NOTE: After registering, an email will be sent with the confirmation. If you don't see the email please check your Junk/Spam/Promotions folders.

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