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TAE and The Art of Living

TAE as an invitation for the ‘self-evolution’ of our humanity

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A picture of the facilitators Dana and Baruch sitting by a stream of water

Facilitated by Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brenner

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Thursdays, 11:00 am Est. - 13:30 EST
Eastern Time

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Human beings are experts in life and living. Each one of us has innate sensitivities, and unique kinds of ways for listening to creation and to the ‘unknown’. 

We are a creative process, which manifests itself through each one of us in a particular way. This is our ‘soul-print' that has been with us from the moment of our birth and perhaps even before that…(for generations, since ancient times…)

TAE can help explicate our deepest ‘implicit knowing’ that inspires our journey in this world, as part of the mystery of who we are. 



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