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Surviving Election Stress

a FREE 30-minute webinar

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell
Barbara McGavin

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell
Barbara McGavin

Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin


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Are you stressed about the upcoming US election on November 3? A lot of people are. It’s the most momentous election in living memory, and there is so much that could go wrong. Even if you’re doing everything you can, you might still be feeling tense and anxious to the point of distraction and sleeplessness.

Meeting the challenges of this unprecedented time will require all of us to be as calm, alert, and wise as we can possibly be.

We’d like to help. In this 30-minute free webinar, Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin, creators of Inner Relationship Focusing, will offer their supportive and compassionate presence, including tips for navigating stressful emotions in extreme times.

Our hope is that you’ll leave the webinar with a greater sense of resilience and connection to others, and a greater ability to do what you can and relax about the rest.

We’ll be offering a new webinar weekly until November 3 – and even afterward if we sense there is still a need for our support.

Do join us… and feel free to invite anyone else who might benefit.

If you can’t be there live, recordings will be easy to access afterward.


Allison Jones

[email protected]

Registration Information

Join Barbara McGavin & Ann Weiser Cornell for a FREE live webinar:

Monday, October 19, 1:00 PM Pacific Time


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