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ONE TO ONE training with Nada Lou 3x6 session

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Nada Lou Certifying Coordinator, Teacher, Focusing, BioSpiritual Focusing, TAE, Think Different, DVD producer


Online Joining Information

Please contact me at [email protected]

for details

Any questions welcome

Meeting Format

This course is designed by me and offered for beginners, but everybody is welcome.

There are 3 phases, 6 hours each


FIRST Phase: YOU Focus, I listen and teach, explain, guide

ONE TO ONE 6 hours

- you will experience a lot of personal Focusing-you will discover your felt sense -you will discern how to relate to your felt sense-you will be able to carry out Short form of Focusing easily -you will learn how to Clear your inner space - you will learn The Six Steps of Focusing. 

You can stop here or continue —->

SECOND Phase: YOU Focus, I listen AND YOU listen, I focus

ONE TO ONE 6 hours

-you will be introduced to Focusing listening skills -you will learn how Focusing Partnership works -you will practice your listening skills in Focusing Partnership -Safety in Focusing will be explained and practiced -You will be assisted in recognizing Focuser’s felt sense vs talk.

You can stop here or continue —->

THIRD Phase:  You practice with six different partners - I supervise it and guide your skills.

ONE TO TWO 6 hours

-this mostly experiential work will provide you with opportunity to practice your Focusing and Listening skills with multiple partners and give you confidence to enter into Focusing Partnerships with skills, safety and confidence. You will be awarded Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP) Award. This document will be signed by the International Focusing Institute and Nada Lou TFI Certifying Coordinator (CC)


My FEES are:


Phase one and two - you receive undivided attention from your teacher - me.

Phase three you practice Focusing exchange in Partnership with  another person. This person will be at a similar experiential phase as you. This will prepare you to be Focusing listening partner to many different focusers.

One hour session US $ 100

There is a discount if you wish to pay for 3 or 6 hours all at once:

3 hours sessions US $ 280      6 hours sessions US $ 530

Registration Information

Please contact me at 

[email protected]

I am in Montreal Canada, ET 

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