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SOF Foundation Level - 1

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Yehudit First

Where & When

The course is set to begin on Monday, 11th October and will run for 8 weeks beginning each time at 19.00 Israel time.

Meeting Format

In Social Oriented Focusing we focus on the mutual interpersonal space, developing our sense of social interaction that fosters:

  • The freedom and the space to be ourselves while interacting with others.

  • The skills needed to be fully attentive to myself as well as to the other at the same time.

  • The ability to break down barriers that limit us in social interactions and stop us from fulfilling ourselves in interpersonal interactions.

  • The ability to identify what unravels within me and within the other, and find a language of sharing, understanding and accepting within the mutual experience.

Throughout one's life, interaction with others is an engine for growth and development.

We are born in and from interaction, and within interaction the self is defined and evolves.

In Social Oriented Focusing, we Focus on and in the shared interpersonal space and develop a sense for social interaction.


​This social sense enables and empowers many aspects of our life, giving us:

  • The space and the freedom to be who we are, to be ourselves in relations with others.

  • The ability to be attentive both to ourselves and to others at the same time, without "swallowing" them or "being swallowed".

  • To free ourselves of subconscious barriers that limit us and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves in relationships.

  • The confidence to give ourselves in to social interaction, to influence and be influenced, to see and be seen, to meet and be met, in a manner that feels right both to ourselves and to others.

  • The ability to recognize what awakens within us as well as between us and the other, to find a language that allows sharing, understanding and acceptance in the joined experience.

​Thus, we form the ability to gently dance between our various personal needs and desires, within an inclusive space which allows personal and interpersonal growth during life's journey both as ourselves and as a part of a group.

​​Using simple tools and powerful techniques, we will learn how to free ourselves of unhealthy relationships, how to feel comfortable in social interactions, how to promote important relationships without being disappointed time and again and how to see every interpersonal encounter as an opportunity for discovery, processing and growth.

​​We are part of a human tapestry, in constant interaction with the environment around us, and we come to know our world from within the complex system of reciprocity among body, mind and the environment. Focusing on a group interpersonal space opens before us the opportunity to observe the ways with which we form relationships and paves the way for change. Social Oriented Focusing is done out of a connection to my felt sense, to your felt sense and to our mutual felt sense.

This course is a space that contains and enables, within which we can let go of the mechanisms that no longer serve us, and takes us forward to a place that's, more aware, more relaxed and freer. The human connection unfolds and allows transformation and change.

​Who is this course suited for?

​People with a basic background in Focusing processes who are interested in developing new tools for interpersonal communication.

  • People who are looking for a way to form deep and meaningful relationships.

  • People who have challenges with interpersonal or group encounters.

  • Educators, trainers, group guides, parents, therapists and professionals who are interested in influencing their social environment.

Registration Information

For registration please email me: [email protected]

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