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Releasing Blocks to Action

an on-demand course with Ann Weiser Cornell to help you find a blame-free way to get things done

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell

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Are there things you need to do, or want to do, but you just don’t do them?

Whether you’re struggling to exercise, change your eating habits, can’t seem to make time for self-care, long to pursue a dream but can’t get any traction, or have another sort of stuck action, we’d love to show you how to work with what’s blocking you so you can move forward.

You’ll also discover how to break free from motivation styles based on being hard on yourself so you can move forward with kindness and self-compassion!

Join me in this course to explore how you can:

  • Release the dynamic that holds the action block in place
  • Transform the inner critic inside your action block
  • Listen non-judgmentally to what’s driving your action block so IT lets go
  • Understand the good reason why part of you doesn’t want to do the action
  • Explore the bigger possibilities that emerge when you can move beyond action blocks – you might even find that what you thought you wanted was merely a compromise solution

Empower yourself to move beyond procrastination and get into the flow of life.


“There are no saboteurs inside. Everything in you is somehow trying to help you… and when you empathize with that, what used to be hard can become easy.” -Ann Weiser Cornell


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