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PFP Award - Proficiency as Focusing Partner Award


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Nada Lou

Your Hosts

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Nada Lou



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Please REGISTER by Wednesday 14.4.2021 to [email protected]

As a Focusing teacher (not a member of any committee) I'd like to :

MY OFFER -  This project is of importance in spreading safe function of Focusing practice at an early stage of participant's discovery and training in Focusing. It is not only important in this manner.It is very close to my heart as well, as the person who was on the original team creating PFP Award 10 years ago. I want to contribute to the success of it being implemented and used.

MY AIM - I noticed many questions arising from participants in correspondence and at recent 4 Zoom meetings regarding this  PFP Award and Partnership Network. 

HOW - I offer 3 practical experiential sessions to help both Trainers  and CCs how to aim and offer instruction to their potential candidates for PFP Award. Not new - but aimed for specific result. 

TIME AND DATES - 3 FRIDAYs 10 a.m. ET April  16, 23, 30 2021. I will charge US $ 20 per person per session = x 3 = US $ 60. This is to ensure commitment of the participant to attend, learn, and participate. Contact & Register [email protected]    


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