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Oppression Support Group

A 5-session support group introducing Focusing as a resource for therapy clients dealing with oppression

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Oppression support group with Focusing

Aline Schurgers, Annemiek de Feijter, Esther Mathas, L.A. McCrae and Mun Yee Lee

Where & When

Zoom link will be sent to registrants
Starting Fall 2022
Eastern Time

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Online Joining Information

The first step is to submit an application at

The same form can be used to ask us questions.

We will then contact you.


Meeting Format

This group is for therapy clients dealing with oppression. It is only for therapy clients who are dealing with oppression.

It is offered at a low fee in recognition that many people who deal with oppression also have limited resources. None of the facilitators will be paid. All proceeds of this program will be used to create and distribute related resources to deal with oppression.

The group is facilitated by (in alphabetical order) Aline Schurgers, Annemiek de Feijter, Esther Mathas, L.A. McCrae and Mun Yee Lee. 

The process is supervised by Serge Prengel, LMHC, a co-founder of the Integrative Focusing Therapy training program.

When? In the Fall of 2022, dates to be determined.

The group meets online (Zoom) for 90 minutes each session.

Why would you attend this group?

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations in which we feel powerless and unheard. Our households, our workplaces, even our close relationships might operate in ways that make us feel silenced and unseen. We might feel scared, we might feel resentful, we might feel tired and numb.

We will be making space for your voice. For you to listen to your own inner truths. We call this “Focusing” as it brings you clarity while connecting the head and the heart. This listening also cultivates a warm, compassionate space inside ourselves that can help us weather difficult places and people outside ourselves.


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