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Online Focusing Skills Course

Change what is stuck in your life, accept yourself for who you are, and be open to more of life’s possibilities.

Your Hosts

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Dartmoor Bridge
Fiona Parr

Fiona Parr, Focusing Coordinator

Where & When

Online UK
Thursday afternoons 2pm – 5pm (3pm - 6pm CET, and 9am — 12 noon EST), starting on 9 March.
UK time.

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Online Joining Information

Go to my web site to register. I will send you a link before the course starts, together with plans and handouts for the first class.

Meeting Format

Thursday afternoons 2pm – 5pm (3pm - 6pm CET, and 9am — 12 noon EST), starting on 9 March.

This course is for you if you are committed to your own personal development and growth, and for professionals who work with others in a helping capacity.

Focusing helps you to create an optimal inner environment for holistic, natural change in any area of your life that needs attention. People have often said how surprised they are by how gentle and yet very deep and powerful this work is. The changes that occur spontaneously and naturally come from deep within you and are always in the direction of greater aliveness. These changes are progressive, unmistakable and permanent.

Learn how to listen to your inner wisdom through creating a positive inner relationship with yourself. Develop the knowledge and skills to begin to Focus alone. Practise the listening skills that enable you to companion someone else in a Focusing partnership. By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of the Focusing process, and you will be able to join a peer group of Focusers, form Focusing partnerships, and integrate Focusing into your life and your work.

Each Level is 4 x weekly classes, and then a break of 4 - 5 weeks for you to practice and to integrate what you have learned. Focusing works best when you learn and absorb slowly, over a period of time.

The course is based on experiential learning. In each class, you will learn a specific aspect of Focusing and Listening, see a demonstration or do an exercise; and then practice what you are learning in pairs or as a group-guided exercise. After the session we come back together as a group, hear how it went, any feedback and learning to share and further discussions. You will also be expected to practice Focusing and listening with course participants between the classes.

Prerequisite: an individual guided Focusing session. Sessions take an hour and costs £50.

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