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Northwest Focusers Gathering

Your Hosts

Gabrielle Hoffman, Charlotte Faris, David Mitchell, Rebecca Christensen, Sharon LeMire, Kara Hill, Nina Joy Lawrence

Where & When

located at Dumas Bay Center on Dash Point, Federal Way Washington. Surrounded by 12 acres of natural beauty, the center is situated on a bluff that overlooks the Puget Sound.
May 17, 3 PM - May 19 - 3 PM
Pacific Time

Meeting Format
In Person

We are delighted to announce the 17th annual Northwest Focusers Gathering!

We invite you to join us in this warm, inclusive co-creation where we can connect deeply with the Life in ourselves, in other people, and in the world around us. 

The Northwest Gathering welcomes all Focusers and persons interested in Focusing. Usually 25 - 35 people attend this event. All attendees are invited to Friday’s Opening meeting to co-create the Program - which always includes new and creative explorations, lots of Focusing time, and a Changes Group. Anyone attending can offer a Focusing-related presentation/workshop at the Gathering!


Please send questions to: 

[email protected]

Registration Information

Please go to  and follow the directions to register.  You will register on Eventbrite and then pay either through PayPal or sending a check to our registrar, Gabrielle Hoffman.  The directions are all on our website.

The last day to register is April 1, 2024.

Payment Tiers:Because we strive to keep prices as low as possible, this year’s pricing is offered in four tiers:

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