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A Mindful Brain Friendly Approach to Focusing

An 8 Week Experiential Course on Listening in Focusing

Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Marki Webber RN M.Ed. Certified Focusing Professional


Online Joining Information

Zoom link will be sent to those who register

Meeting Format

A Mindful Brain-Friendly Approach to Focusing

8 Thursdays 4pm - 6pm EST/ 1PM- 3PM PST

These classes are experiential, interactive, and experimental in nature to support deep exploration and learning. The approach is informed by current brain science and will utilize my decades of experience in experiential teaching and learning.  The intention is to speak to and include both the detail-oriented, logical, sequential left-brained mode as well as providing a pathway to the metaphorical, big-picture in-the-moment body-based right brain mode. Focusing is a powerful tool to integrate the two by coming into a place of curiosity, exploration, and presence with whatever arises in the moment.

These classes are open and prior Focusing experience is not required but each session builds on the prior sessions learning.  Each one of us brings our own unique experience and imprint to the process and the experiential and practice-based model means that each class will offer something fresh. Students can register for each 8 session class separately and can take 

2nd session:  Listening and how to be with what shows up - April 8th to May 27th

3rd session:  All about Focusing Partnerships -   June 3rdth to July 22nd

Today, in a world of ever increasing polarization, the Focusing skills of allowing and finding a way to be with whatever is here is more vital than ever. Our continued survival depends on our ability to find a path to witnessing and bringing presence to the deeper and shadow truths that we all have been carrying for generations.  This is the only path to healing the forces that are tearing us apart. 

The safe spaces we co-create are a balm to those who are present. The world needs these skills. 

The cost for each 8 session series is $220 which can be paid over time if needed.  Please ask about Sacred Reciprocity arrangements if finances present a hardship or an obstacle or you need financial accommodation.  I do not want money to be an obstacle for those who are called to learn.

To register for the current series “Listening and how to be with what shows up” please respond by email indicating your interest and you will be sent payment information and zoom links for the sessions.   If you have questions please  email me at [email protected]

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