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Landing in a Safe and Connected Place with Others

A Focusing Practice Space

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Your Hosts

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Marki Webber RN M.Ed. Certified Focusing Professional


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Meeting Format

Today, in a world of ever increasing polarization, the Focusing skills of allowing and finding a way to be with whatever is here is more vital than ever. Our continued survival depends on our ability to find a path to witnessing and bringing presence to the deeper and shadow truths that we all have been carrying for generations. This is the only reliable path to truly healing the forces that are tearing us apart.   These 90 minute sessions will offer a safe landing place to connect to oneself and be with others and whatever presents itself to be known.  The format will have an emphasis on a felt sense of connection and safety and an orientation towards practice. We will start by landing in the body and saying hello to the present moment, then briefly attuning to the others who are in the space before breaking into smaller units for practice (either dyads or triads). Those who have shared those spaces with me have often commented on the remarkable sense of connection and safety that emerges as we attune in this way. I will offer a suggested framework or skill to practice but whether to follow this suggestion will be up to you. There will be a brief closing in the whole group to gather again before moving into the rest of our day. Drop in sessions offered weekly beginning January 18th.

The safe spaces we co-create are a balm to those who are present. The world needs these skills. Please share this opportunity with friends who you think may be interested.

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To register. please email me at [email protected]   Paypal link for donations here:    

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