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Introductory weekend seminar as prerequisite to join a 2 year training in early 2024.

Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning / The Philosophy of the Implicit / The Discovering of the Murky Edge

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Experiencing ('Focusing') is a path, finding access to a deeper level of being and is teachable by searching for the murky edge.That bodily felt resonance guides to yet unknown and unexplored fields within. In order to leave processes to be identified with, there have to be established an ongoing divided attention. 

The overall training is Person-centred and experiential: unconditional positive regard, empathy and authenticity will guide to a new understanding of early childhood memories and its structural and dynamical influences explorable continuously in the present moments. It will be become evident, that the conditions of change related to the conceptaptulisation of the self are corresponding to those of its development.The present is experienced as an opportunity to reframe the past and pave the way for a different future cleared by habitual obstacles and personal patterns. The perception of a person's conceptualisation of his life is in need of developing professional empathy with regards towards the self-constructed perspectives of the inner and outer world. It's never too late to have had another perspective of the past events in life.

We utilizing altered states of consciousness in transforming the repeating routines and obstacles, while discovering, that beyond personality and character is hidden one's own being and basic essence. The dealing with recurring patterns, that shape our mindset and mental make-up, is the way to go. Eventually it leads to "Who I am?" through 'Working on Yourself'.

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Please, mail me for further details and registration procedures [email protected] 

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