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Introduction to Felt Sensing (Focusing)

The first course in the Felt Sensing and With-Sensing training (Focusing and Listening)

Your Hosts

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Vera Rolfine Fryd
Felt Sensing path

Your Hosts

Event Image
Vera Rolfine Fryd
Felt Sensing path

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo, ,MSc Counselling, Certified Focusing Professional


Online Joining Information

A Zoom link will be provided before the course starts

Meeting Format

This is the first course out of the 5 that together leads to the Certificate of Felt Sensing and With Sensing (Focusing and Listening). (You can sign up for only this ocurse, to get a taster, and decide afterwards if you want to do the rest).

In this first course you will get to know this wonderful process that gives you access to what you know, your inner voice, and to more compassion and self-compassion, openness and spaciousness, in encountering your own and others' inner world.

You will also get your first, initial experience of having a Sensing Partnership (Focusing Partnership): The supportive experience of having a listener who is non-intrusive, and who doesn't give advice or opinions, as well as the challenging, but liberating experience of offering listening in this way.

The goal of this course is to start getting to know this process and its underlying theories and concepts, like Felt Sense, trying out Sensing Partnership, and experiencing this particular, welcoming and warmly curious way of listening to yourself and others.


  • Getting to know the Felt Sensing process
  • Developing The Felt Sensing Attitude; curiosity, openness and inner kindness and welcoming
  • Discovering what happens "under" what we think of as the regular consciousness
  • Trying out Sensing Partnerhisp


Teaching methods

  • Sharing of theory
  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions
  • Exercises and trying out in the group
  • Sensing Partnership in class
  • Reflections
  • Sensing Partnership between classes

The 5 courses lead to the certificate that gives you Focusing proficiency, which means you can use the method yourself or exchange with another person who knows the method (You can attend the first course alone, and see if you like it, then decide whether you want to do the next ones)

Times and dates:
Four Tuesdays: February 23, & March 2, 9 and 16, at 6.30 pm Oslo, CET/CET. Convert to your time zone

Second option:
Four Tuesdays: March 23, April 6, 13 & 20, at 6.30 pm Oslo, CET/CEST. Convert to your time zone.  
NB! Be aware that Daylight Saving time in Europe starts on March 28, so From April this will be the time: Convert April time to your time zone.

Registration Information

Prices are in Norvegian Kroner (NOK) 1500,- 
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There needs to be at least 4 participants for the course to commence.
Maximum number of participants: 8 

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