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Interpersonal Processes in FOT

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Biliana dearly

Biliana Dearly

Most therapists will agree about the importance of a therapeutic relationship. The quality of interpersonal interaction is the most important therapeutic factor because all other interventions happen within that interaction. The client's problems will not get resolved in interactions that replay the kind in which the problem was created. "We need [to provide] a new kind of interaction, one in which the client actually lives in a new way beyond the old stoppage" (Gendlin, 1996, p.286).

This workshop will enhance your:

  • Ability to be present and precise in a client-specific way
  • Understanding of different attachment styles, coping mechanisms and inflexible relational tendencies and how they play out within the therapeutic relational dynamic
  • Specifics skills in engaging a variety of clients
  • Ability to make required adjustments while applying the FOT to respond in client-specific ways
  • Skills in tracking the interpersonal process across sessions and effectively using process comments

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