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How To Bring Focusing Seamlessly into Therapeutic Conversations: Being the Interaction That Makes It Better - Starting March 3rd.

Q & A and presentation of this 1-year course

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Charlotte Howorth, LCSW

Charlotte Howorth

Where & When

February 25th 10am-11am
Eastern Time

Meeting Format

In this 1-hour Q & A Charlotte will present her 1-year course which covers some of the points below:

Dr. Eugene Gendlin was a psychotherapist & naturally & seamlessly weaved focusing into his therapeutic conversations.  In addition, the original research from which focusing emerged was derived from analyzing psychotherapeutic conversations.

- How this course is for all kinds of mental health practitioners, coaches, as well as those wanting to bring focusing more fully into their lives and relationships.

- How to bring focusing seamlessly into therapeutic conversations without the client feeling like you are 'doing' something to them or getting them to 'do' something.

- There are a lot of opportunities for experiential practice on this course with the support of focusing coaches to use the skills learnt in the richer, faster and more improvisational nature of a conversation.

- We will study and practice how each of us is trying to make a deeper point, one that we are often initially not even aware of.  We will learn how to listen for the signs of this deeper point and then how to facilitate its emergence as we work with focusing’s organic forward movement.

- We will learn how to tune into the felt sense of the 'one interaction' you are living with your client and use this to guide your sessions.  How to tune into your felt sense of the dyad - your felt sense of the focuser's (client's) felt sense, and the felt sense of the relationship, and use these experiences to profoundly deepen sessions. 

- Students will study and practice how to notice and work with a client's, or focuser’s, forward growing edge, as well as the undertow, or trailing edge that comes with it.

- In most stuck places there can be several threads and one of these is often a younger place, or flash back. Students will learn how to identify and unpack these places allowing their forward edge to flow and grow.

- We will have a class with Isabel Adon on working with focusing and grief and trauma.

- There will be also be a class with Lynn Preston on working with the felt sense in both dyad and group work.

- Students to become certified Focusing Oriented Therapists, or Focusing Professionals if they have already had sufficent focusing training prior to taking this course.

- Students also have the option of also being certified as focusing teachers and trainers.

Mary Hendricks, Eugene Gendlin’s wife and former teacher of TFI’s certification course, and director of TFI, handed the role of teaching and responsibility for certifying focusing professionals for the Institute to Charlotte several years ago. Charlotte led the Institute’s certification program for over 12 years and has a wealth of experience as a focusing teacher and has worked as a focusing oriented therapist and coach herself for 27 years.


+1 (347) 489 9587

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Please call or text Charlotte on +1 (347) 489 9587, or email [email protected]

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