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Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life

a 21-day online training program

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell


Online via Zoom + Video

Online Joining Information

Course is taught by video with 3 live, interactive Zoom Q&A Calls.

Details for joining will be provided upon registration.

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Only say yes when you mean it...

If you say yes when you'd rather say no or if it's hard to even know what you really want to say yes to, Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life can help.

You'll learn how to identify healthy boundaries and develop Focusing-based skills for setting them with kindness and clarity.

Together we'll explore topics like:

  • The most important boundary to set first
  • Setting boundaries without anger, blaming, excuses or apologies
  • When wanting people to like you stops you from setting boundaries
  • The hardest person to set a boundary with
  • Standing your ground with the other person is angry or critical
  • And so much more!

You'll get:

  • 21 daily practices applying Focusing to boundaries (by video)
  • An online community forum full of other students learning along with you
  • Three 60-minute Q&A calls with Ann Weiser Cornell
  • Lifetime access to the course content and recordings

No matter how challenging healthy boundaries might feel today, you can get practical help that brings immediate relief.

Why Join The Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life Course?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken all my other courses, or just read my books, or if you’re brand new to the world of Focusing. No matter where you are now, the Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life course provides the structure, guidance, and support to create powerful, sustainable changes to the way you handle boundaries.

If you want a straightforward, step-by-step process you can use to be consistent with your boundaries – to feel less guilt, frustration, or fear… If you want to finally know what you need and how to ask for it in a way that works for you, then Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life is for you.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Say no when you know you could help, but it isn’t the right thing for you…
  • Say no when someone really wants something you don’t want to do…
  • Say no without getting lost in fear, guilt, or feeling selfish…
  • Say no with kindness and compassion…
  • Say yes to time and space for your own priorities…

Hear from past students in the course:

"Healthy Boundaries is an extraordinarily helpful course. Ann makes difficult stuff about the boundaries between people and the boundaries inside yourself wonderfully simple." JJ

"Each module of the course takes you further and deeper than you realize. This is far more than content or reading material from a book about 'boundaries.' This course is absolutely about getting a sense of what is right for you." Michelle

"Taking this course is one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself. I'm more aware of who I am, what my needs are, and that I have a right to have my needs met...just as much as anyone else." Micheline


Allison Jones

[email protected]

Registration Information

Join me for this 21-day video series:

We begin on April 7th!


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