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Healing Trauma On-Demand Course

Moving Beyond the Pain of the Past

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell

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No matter how long ago it was, the past can cast a long shadow over the present. Here’s the good news: There are ways to use a Focusing attitude to heal the trauma that’s holding back your life. Join us for this supportive six-week course and start creating a healing relationship with the hurt parts inside of you.

Whether You’ve…

  • Never taken a course on healing trauma, but you know past hurts are affecting your life and you’d like to learn why and what you can do…  
  • Learned a bit about healing trauma, but haven’t yet found a process that’s helped you release past hurts so you can live more fully…
  • Got a lot of experience working with the pain of your past and you know there’s still more you could do to feel better every day…

The Healing Trauma Course helps you change the way past hurts impact your energy, your mood, and your ability to receive good things. 

No matter your experience level, you’ll learn how to gently transform painful cycles like:

  • overreacting to present events because they remind you of past hurts
  • repeating painful patterns in your relationships at home or work
  • sometimes feeling like a hurt little child is living your life

Join us for the Healing Trauma course and learn how to give yourself the kind of compassion you’ve always needed to live a fuller life.

Hear From Students Who've Taken The Course

"Here's what's special and different about this course... It provides very specific language for how to be compassionate. Everyone says "treat yourself with compassion," but I've had very few real-world examples of what that looks like. Even saying and acknowledging, "Yeah, that was really hard," was/is a phrase that has been missing from my life. Learning how to do that for myself has been so transformative." -- M.T.

"I've taken other courses and while it's been great to get in touch with past hurts, I've been left wondering what do I do with these feelings? The Healing Trauma course gave me the tools I needed to be with these feelings. I discovered that by being there with myself and accepting my feelings as they are, a shift occurs inside and I carry my experience differently. It's a life-giving change. Now, I am there for me. I have resources that are nurturing. It's changed my relationship with myself and with others. I am more peaceful and starting to enjoy life at a different level." -- Micheline G.


Isabella Canal, [email protected]

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