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Healing Trauma

Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Your Hosts

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell


Online Video Course with 4 Live Zoom Q&A Calls

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Is the pain of your past limiting your possibilities now?

Are you more emotionally reactive than you need to be? More caught up in unhealthy behaviors? More burdened by negative self-talk? These are all ways that the present is impacted by the past, by trauma in fact. And all that can change -- because cultivating inner relationship through Focusing can heal trauma.

About the Course

Imagine how life will improve after spending six weeks working on an area of your life that’s being impacted by your past...

  • Maybe you’re prone to angry outbursts that hurt your relationships and you’d like to stop…
  • Maybe you "numb out" in various ways and that's something you'd like to change
  • Maybe you play small to feel safe and lately you’ve been finding that confining…
  • Maybe you find it hard to get close to people yet you’d like to have more connection in your life…

Odds are what’s in the way is connected to your past. The good news is, whatever it is, change is possible. Even if it’s felt frozen in place for years.

Sometimes it’s tempting to think, “This is just the way it is.” But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Healing Trauma is a powerful course where we dive deep and teach you how to give presence and empathy to the hurts of the past so you can reclaim your right to feel safe and whole.

In the course, you'll learn how to:

  • Turn toward the parts that carry the trauma
  • Know what should have happened (in the moment) and what you can do about it now
  • Reclaim your body as a safe space for happiness and other feelings
  • And much much more...

If you’re ready for things to be different, join us and start to heal old hurts so you can live more fully now.

How content is delivered:

This is an on-demand, video-based course which means class begins when you sign up and you can move at your own pace - whenever and wherever it works for you.

Plus you get opportunities to interact during our four live, interactive Q&A sessions with Ann and your fellow participants.


Hear from past students in the course...

“What made a big difference for me were the questions: What should have happened? What didn’t happen at the time or immediately after the trauma? I’d never been present to myself in the ways these questions invited me to be. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m able to bring self-compassion to my younger self who’s still hiding in the shame of a childhood trauma that led to severe stoppage in my life. I came to the course looking for a way to relieve that trauma without inviting more shame. I found it!” J.L.

"Before the Healing Trauma course, I struggled to patiently "be" with myself without feeling the need to force something to happen. Forcing change only increased my feelings of anxiety. Now, I have so much more compassion and understanding. I realize my anxious feelings are trying to protect me, knowing that makes it easier to welcome them. And welcoming my anxious feelings drastically reduces them. Before Focusing, I'd stopped having hope for feeling better. I don't feel like that anymore. Focusing showed me how to be with the parts that hurt the most. It changed my relationship with anxiety and my relationship with myself." Dorine

“What’s special and different about this course is... It provides very specific language for how to be compassionate. Everyone says ‘treat yourself with compassion’ but I’ve had very few real-world examples of what that looks like. Even saying and acknowledging, ‘yeah, that was really hard,’ is a phrase that’s been missing from my life. Learning how to do that for myself has been so transformative.” M.T.


Allison Jones

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Registration Information

Join me for this 6-week on-demand course:

Registration open May 18th to June 2nd


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