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The Gift Of Focusing

A free 4-session online introduction to Focusing as action-oriented contemplation

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Serge Prengel


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I am offering this 4-session course as a fund-raiser for The International Focusing Institute (TIFI). The course is free. I hope that, if you like it, you will make a donation to TIFI. How much you give is up to you. It is totally separate from registering for this course.

My approach to teaching Focusing is to show you how it is based on a natural ability that we all have. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much you already know. And you will quickly gain a deeper understanding of the process from practicing it and discussing it.

This course is not just for people who are new to Focusing. If you are already a Focuser, it will give you a stimulating framework to further develop your skills. 

Session 1, which took place on January 16, was mostly to introduce non-therapists to active listening. In session 2, which took place on February 6, was about the natural three-step process of mindful engagement that underlies Focusing. If you missed some live sessions, you can still attend the others. You can catch up with recordings.

In session 3, we pay more attention to the felt sense: how it forms, how we notice it, how it carries forward.

In session 4, we integrate this naturally flowing practice with the traditional description of Focusing as a six-step process.

All 4 sessions include time in break-out rooms for practice.

Sessions 3 and 4 are on Saturdays, February 27, and March 20. Sessions start at 1 PM Eastern Time USA (New York City). Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Serge Prengel is a Focusing-oriented therapist. He has been hosting TIFI’s Focusing Conversations series and the Active Pause & Mindfulness podcast.

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