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Focusing Practice Group

Listening from the Inside Out

Your Hosts

Julie Ramsey, LICSW & Kelley Bothe, LICSW are both Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists

Where & When

2/12,3/4,4/1 and 4/29 in 2024 Four Monday mornings from 9:30-11:30 am EST

Meeting Format

Please join us to learn more about Focusing and to deepen your Focusing practice.   In this workshop we will look at how by slowing down and attending mindfully to life issues, whether big or small, joyful or sad, we change the way we hold and experience our concerns.  Deepening our understanding reduces stress and opens up new possibilities. We will practice listening to ourselves and others without judgment and with deep respect and curiosity. We will learn how to use our body felt sense as a valuable resource in this mindful practice.


To register and for more information about the class, please call or email:

Kelley Bothe,LISW at  [email protected]


Julie Ramsey, LICSW at [email protected]   

 Check out our website,

The cost of this series is $180.

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