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Focusing Oriented Therapy Training and Certification

Become Certified as a Focusing Oriented Therapist (FOT)

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Donna Steadman, MA, RCC, FOT, Certifying Coordinator

Where & When

The next module, "Working with the child self", takes place on Saturday, March 9, 2024
Pacific Time

Meeting Format

This program is a series of workshops, running once a month, with virtually open intake. Only the Introduction, "The Art of Focusing" (or equivalent) must be taken as a pre-req, the remaining modules are totally flexible. Students who complete 16 specific modules, along with additional practice and supervision criteria, may become certified as a Focusing Oriented Therapist. Program completion takes about 17 -20 months.

The workshops take place on one Saturday per month, online. The specific dates are determined by the group, up to 6 months in advance.  Each 1-day training runs from 9 am to 3 pm (Pacific Time), at a cost of $200 plus GST (total $210 Cdn) per workshop. 

Counselling professionals are welcome to attend single modules or the whole  2-year series, and may become certified as a "Focusing Oriented Therapist" (FOT), upon completion of certain criteria

This is a highly experiential training program.  Participants will practice on each other, which allows us, in the client role, to experience the process of Focusing first-hand.  The sequencing of modules will be determined by the needs and schedules of the participants.

This training uses a continuous intake format, with multiple passes of each module.​  Because Focusing is not technique-driven, I have found the repetition to be incredibly helpful; it's all about developing a 'feel' for the work, learning how to match the client's process, and learning how to speak the language of the body. 

​The very nature of Focusing is organic, not mechanical, and this format has proven itself to be well suited to the essence of Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing approach.  I hope you will join me on this journey of learning and growth, and I’m excited to meet you and include you into our warm and welcoming group of developing Focusers! 

For more details, follow this link:

Further information is available by clicking the three buttons at the bottom of that page.

Registration Information

I will ask you to complete a one-time registration form, and discuss your goals for certification or occasional attendance.  I hold a spot for you in the workshops you choose, and once you have committed, I will send you the zoom link.

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