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Focusing-Oriented Therapist (FOT) Certification Program (2024-2026)

Becoming a Certified Focusing Professional in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT)

Your Hosts

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Facilitated by Akira Ikemi, Phd. Group Facilitator: Camille Li, EdD & Rachel Wong, MAPC. Host: Thou Art ltd.

Where & When

Hybrid (Zoom, Twice a month and In-person, Yearly in Hong Kong)
From 2024 Oct to 2026 Sept

Meeting Format
In Person

Course schedule:

To meet Professor Akira Ikemi once a month, on the second Thursday (with occasional exceptions), from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (2.5 hours)

To practice with Ms. Rachel Wong & Dr. Camille Li on the following Sunday (with occasional exceptions)  3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (2.5 hours)

To meet Professor Akira Ikemi In-person workshop dates: January 11th and 12th, 2025 & January 10th and 11th, 2026

Course content includes:

➢ 16 teaching sessions (2.5 hours each)
➢ 4 Group Case Supervision sessions (2.5 hours each)
➢ 4 days of in-person training

➢ 20 practice sessions (2.5 hours each)
➢ Reading and comprehension of assigned texts in English.
➢ Submission of 10 reflection papers.


Once admitted, please join below at your cost:

➢ The membership with the International Focusing Institute as Trainer-in-Training (TNT)



Helping Professionals (e.g. Mental Health Professionals, Therapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, and Clinical Psychologists)

To participate in the program, you are expected to have already achieved a high level of proficiency in Focusing before you begin this training. Or, you must meet one of the following criteria:


  • Completion of Level 1A Focusing + Level 1B Listening + PFP Partnership
  • Completion of Focusing Levels 1 to 4; or
  • Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award (PFP); or
  • If you are not sure whether your level of proficiency in Focusing is sufficient to meet for the program, you can consider to pay an assessment fee of HK$500 (30min) before joining this program.

If you have not learnt Focusing before and wish to join this program. Please join our introduction course Or, email/whatsapp us to get more information.

Language requirement:

Proficiency in reading and comprehending assigned texts in the English language, as well as understanding instructions delivered in English.


Fee / Early Bird Rates:

Before 2024 June 15th: HK$38,800 (One time payment)

(Regular price) : HK$40,000

(Regular price) Option to pay in two installments (Only available for regular price enrollment; First installment of HK$20,000 to be paid before 2024 August 1; Second installment of HK$20,000 to be paid by 2024 October 1.)

★ Special Note: Due to the continuous nature of the program, no refunds will be provided if a participant is unable to complete the course for personal reasons. In the event of interruption in the course due to the organizer or course trainer, the remaining tuition fees for the uncompleted portion will be refunded by the organizer. The early bird course fees do not include taxes. If you require an invoice, please contact us.

Enrollment will be closed on 2024 September 15 th

Please note that a minimum attendance rate of 80% is required to continue with the certification. Otherwise, Certification of Attendance will be issued instead.


Payment does not include (to be paid directly to TIFI ):

International Focusing Institute Trainer Fee: (For two years: USD 55 per year)

International Focusing Institute Certification Fee: USD 375

Annual membership fee after certification: USD 120


 Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp +852 5209 5900 Camille LI/ Rachel WONG for more details.

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