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Focusing Fundamentals Short Course

Part 3 - Going To The Center Of The Maze

Your Hosts

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Biliana Dearly

Your Hosts

Event Image
Biliana Dearly

Biliana Dearly

As Focusing becomes even more integrated into your life, it increases your awareness and ability to be compassionately present to yourself and everyone around you. In part 3, you will gain:

  • Ability to work through a major block to Focusing: being identified with a 'feeling about a feeling'

  • Powerful way and attitudes for helping yourself transform the experience of an 'inner criticising process'

  • Ability to help yourself and others when feeling overwhelmed by intense emotional states

  • Ability to help yourself and others when encountering resistance to feeling anything

Participants will have the opportunity to observe demonstrations, immediately apply gained skills through practice with others, and carry them forward into their lives. The training is highly experiential and includes manuals, recommended readings, and handouts.


To register, please contact Biliana:

Registration Information

Workshop fee - $ 420 per level (concession fee available for concession card holders)

Completing parts 1 and 2 of the Focusing Fundamentals Short Course is necessary to participate in part 3 workshop. 

Professional development credit certificates are provided.

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