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Focusing Foundations Training Level 1 & Level 2

Embark on a journey of self discovery in this 10 week Course empowering you to access your inner resources and cultivate a greater sense of your authentic self.

In Level one and two trainees gain the ability Focus and Listen inside a Focusing partnership. They learn the basics of the Focusing process and how to be a nurturing companion to both your own and your partners process. Focusers are taught to guide themselves through the process of being with what they are sensing on the inside. The Focuser learns to be in charge of their own Focusing process and to ask for what they need from their companion. We spend time with developing the qualities of presence and how we can support these qualities when we are companioning our Focusing partner. Advanced listening skills are taught such as reflecting our understanding of what the Focuser means to convey and using the word something as an empathic prompt to stay a bit longer with what is not yet clear or known. Companions are also given a script for a “Lead-In,” and ask the Focuser before the session starts if s/he would like to be led in.

All 10 class sessions will incorporate a hands-on approach to learning by starting with a group experiential practice of a focusing session or providing an experience related to focusing. This interactive method is considered the most effective way to grasp the concepts and allows each student to discover their own unique style of supporting this process. It will be accompanied by informative discussions on theory and technique. Additionally, there will be live demonstrations of one-on-one focusing sessions involving class participants.

This course, led by Marie Connors, is a powerful and deep Foundation to this empowering body centred process of listening to your inner self.


About the Teacher

Marie is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Massage Therapist and a Focusing Professional & Trainer with over 15 years experience in the field of bodywork. She is a certified member of The International Focusing Institute and the British Focusing Association. Marie is Irish and based in Melbourne Australia. She is passionate about sharing the gifts of Focusing with others.

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