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Focusing Beginners Course

The Art of Being Present with Yourself

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Focusing Beginners Course
Roberta Colombano, Body Oriented Coach

Roberta Colombano

Focusing is a method of self-exploration and self-awareness, based on empathic listening to the body. It was invented by the psychotherapist and philosopher Eugene T. Gendlin in the 1970s.

It is a gentle and respectful method of reconnecting to a more complete dimension of being in which the body, mind and subtler perceptions collaborate in a process that brings clarity. A process that offers new ways to face the different situations of life with more serenity and fullness.

The Core of the process is the “felt sense”, the meaningful sensation, which takes shape through words, phrases, images, thoughts… A rich and complex sensation that has to do with what is happening in one's life.

Focusing is the ability to welcome this feeling, to "stay" there without haste, with interest, without judgment, with a friendly attitude, with openness to listening and to the surprise of discovering something not yet seen or heard. When Focusing is done, often something inside the body changes (felt-shift), relaxes and releases energy. And the change is felt directly in the body.

In focusing, the term Body includes not only physical perceptions but also emotions, thoughts, energy. Everything that determines the unique way of being in the world.


Through focusing, you could:

∞ establish a deeper contact with yourself;

∞ rediscover kindness towards yourself and others;

∞ overcome the blocks linked to traumatic experiences or situations of discomfort;

∞ relieve conditions of emotional or existential malaise;

∞ learn to accept our emotions, without judging them or pretending to change them;

∞ manage anxiety and stress;

∞ solve relationship or communication problems with family, friends and colleagues;

∞ make more informed decisions, not influenced by automatic reactions;

∞ stimulate creativity by distancing oneself from limiting thought patterns.

Some example how Focusing could you in your daily life are as follows:

∞ how to deal with addictions;

∞ to help yourself to loose weight or start doing more sport;

∞ to heal yourself from burn out;

∞ to have healthy discussion with your family members;

∞ to live with uncertainty and the unknown, which are very present in our current worldwide situation.


I have been offering Focusing in my individual coaching sessions and last year I felt that I need to take a further step in my life and in this world. It is time to share this technique on a larger scale because it enables you to get in touch with yourself in a very gentle way.​

The complete course consists in 6 classes of 2.5h (bi-weekly), 6 individual sessions and 10 exchanges with the class mates.

After 5 exchanges with students, one lesson will be recorded and I will give a feedback about it to help you out during the learning process.

After 3 months of completing the course an extra workshop of 3 hours will be scheduled to deepen the practice of Focusing.

Cost of the course is Eur 480 or three instalments of Eur 160 every two months.
This costs covers 15 hours evening lessons, 1 supervision, 1 workshop and the handout.​
Each individual session Eur 60 (in total Eur 360)​.

If you wish to join the same course for the second time, the 6 lessons are free of charge. ​

After completing the course, you will be able to meet other colleagues around the world and be registered at the International School of Focusing.
Besides that, you will receive a certificate of Focusing Basic which will enable you to join other training and workshops


Ms Roberta Colombano

E-mail: [email protected]


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