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Focusing for Beginners

4 week course

Your Hosts

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Annette Dubreuil
Two butterflies, Focusing partnerships

Your Hosts

Event Image
Annette Dubreuil
Two butterflies, Focusing partnerships

Annette Dubreuil, Focusing Trainer & MBA

Where & When

Wednesdays, February 23 - March 16, 10:30am-12:30 pm
Eastern Time

Meeting Format

In this four-week Focusing course, we delve deeper into each of the 6 steps. Each week, we learn about one or two steps, as well as an aspect of listening:

  1. Clearing a Space and the Focusing Attitude (Receiving) + Saying Back (Mirroring)

  2. Finding the Felt Sense + Reflecting with Our Own Words (Active Listening)

  3. Getting a Handle and Resonating + Helping your Focuser with prompts (Experiential Listening Part 1)

  4. Asking + Helping your Focuser deepen their experience (Experiential Listening Part 2)

We gradually grow our listening skills by learning to say back the words shared especially the felt/emotional words (week 1), reflecting in our own words when it feels right and asking simple questions such as “Where do you carry that in your body?” (week 2). Then we learn to take our Focuser through most of the steps and ask guiding questions such as “Can you get a handle for that?” (week 3). We finish by learning the variety of ways we can use Asking questions (week 4), to unfold the problem or find solutions with guiding questions like “What’s the worst about that?” or “What would it feel like if it as all better?”

Each class includes a teaching of step(s) and listening skills, a small experiential guided by me, and then practice. Practice is done either in the large group, or in breakout rooms (groups of two or three). Jan Winhall's Felt Sense Polyvagal Model is also covered.

To further your practice, it is encouraged to also form a Focusing partnership with another participant. This involves meeting between classes to practice, in an exchange of Focusing and listening.

Dates for the next groups:

  • Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:30 pm EDT, February 23-March 16 (Feb 23, & Mar 2, 9, 16)

Group size: this group is capped at 12 people

Who is this group for? The group is designed for beginners.

Course location: Zoom

What People Are Saying

“'I have recently completed the 4 week beginners focussing course with Annette. She offers compassion, warmth, patience, generosity of spirit and humility. I highly recommend this course. It has helped me to start to notice my body and not just what my mind is telling me. I felt in safe hands with Annette.”—Lesley C, UK

Really great introduction to the basics, with lots of opportunities to practice.”

“I found the Basic Steps and the suggested questions very useful.”


Annette Dubreuil, [email protected]

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