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Focusing and therapeutic processes

Deepening our work, our knowledge and experience with Focusing

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Naty Calviño. Certifying  Coordinator. Focusing Oriented Therapist.  Yogatherapist

Naty Calviño. Certifying Coordinator, Focusing Oriented Therapist, Yogatherapist

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Tuesdays 1.30 pm-3 pm
Eastern time

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Gendlin, in his book "Focusing Oriented Psycotherapy" poses this question: 'Should we call it Therapy?" and says: "Therapy is something else. Even if there was a therapist involved, we must still ask: Did a therapeutic process happen for the client?"

We'll be looking at what is the type of interaction that can help people move forward in their lives.

As part of the course, you can have private sessions at a discount fee, and also do partnerships among yourselves for further practice.


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