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Focusing and Listening: An Introduction

Small Study Group

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Your Hosts

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Laura Vaccaro, LCSW-R, FOT, and Amaryn Clare, Certified Focusing Trainer


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Focusing fosters personal insights outside of one’s awareness.  These insights are useful in problem solving, creative project developments, deepening spiritual awareness, healing trauma and many other areas of personal growth and well-being.  A whole new world can be opened, just by slowing down and deep listening. 

This introductory class is an opportunity to begin experiencing the benefits of focusing and to meet others for ongoing focusing partnerships.  There will be 4 class dates: Saturday, October 31; Saturday, November 7; Sunday, November15; and Sunday, December 13, 2020.  The times are 10:00 am to 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  The classes will consist of presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and partnering for experiential learning.   Practice partnerships will be established and conducted in class.  If desired, participants can also engage in these partnerships outside of class time.  In addition, there will be ample opportunity in between class dates for support as well as the option for extra practice sessions with one of the leaders.

We don’t think you will be disappointed if you join us.  In fact, we feel safe in offering money back guaranteed if you determine the course was not worth your payment.  Folks who have taken this class in the past have been very pleased.  Here are a few participant quotes:

    “I’ve always been curious about focusing and I think you did a great job clarifying this           for me. I felt safe to explore the parts of myself that chose to show themselves.” Kat

    “Probably the thing I liked best was that people gave positive feedback to each other a       lot.  This fostered a sense of safety and I felt it gave me what I needed to relax into the       process more.” Philip

    “You are a natural teacher.”  Chris

     “Well done, loved the group, loved the process, am definitely open to continue this              journey!” Kathleen

Please call Amaryn on (703) 477-1047 or email [email protected].  We look forward to meeting you.






Registration Information

Please call Amaryn Clare on (703) 477-1047 or send an email to [email protected] for more information or to register for class.

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