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Finding your PLACE

Experiential introduction to Focusing skills

Your Hosts

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Marki Webber RN, M.Ed

Your Hosts

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Marki Webber RN, M.Ed

Marki Webber RN. M.Ed - Certified Focusing Professional


Online Joining Information

Those who register will be sent a zoom link prior to each class meeting. 

Meeting Format

Finding Your PLACE* 

A 6 session experiential class diving into the rich world of Focusing through individual and interactive practice.

Please join me for an online 6 session “pay-what-you-can-afford” course designed to explore and develop the inner listening skill of Focusing.   We are living now in a challenging time full of increasing uncertainty and change.  Huge shifts in our world and increasing polarization make it harder than ever to get our bearings. Amid all this uncertainty there are deep shifts underway and the world will not return to how things were before.  

In this context of change and uncertainty, the skills to deeply connect to oneself and others are more essential than ever before. Many of our inner landscapes have become foreign territory through years of speeding through life and being inundated with more information than we can possibly digest in an entire lifetime.   By learning to slow down, pause together, create a safe space and listen to what emerges we will create a sense of spaciousness that allows greater movement and more ease to naturally arise on its own.  

By re-wiring our natural connection to our inner awareness and guidance system we can carry a sense of internal connection and shelter into every moment.  Each session will be a small group interactive 90 minutes designed to offer direct experiential learning both individually and in practice with others. Sessions will be conducted in a spirit of curiosity, experimentation and designed to encourage creativity and playful awareness.  Class size limited to 12 or fewer people.

* PLACE is a shorthand acronym I developed for remembering and connecting to the Focusing process. This structure will be taught in the class. 


For questions or to request more information, please contact: [email protected]  (941) 441 8757

Registration Information

Class is experiential and interactive so participants should be able to commit to attending at least 4 of the 6 sessions and be willing to participate with both audio and video. Please register by emailing [email protected] 

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