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Finding Freedom From Inner Critics

a 21-day on-demand video course with Ann Weiser Cornell to help you find peace from the negative, shaming voice in your head

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell

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Inner critics can be crushing, right? From paralyzing you with perfectionism to hurling shame-inducing words your way, they know how to hurt you.

It might surprise you to hear that inner critics actually have good intentions. They’re really just trying to save your life (I promise!). They mean well. But they’re afraid of what might happen if you ____ . And the only way those voices know how to defend you leaves you feeling terrible.

Join me for Finding Freedom From Inner Critics and find a new way to relate to the negative, shaming voice in your head.

What You'll Learn:

The Finding Freedom From Inner Critics course gives you the skills and support you need to treat yourself with more kindness.

You learn how to easily recognize when inner critics are afoot and one powerful way to settle them down right away. 

You also get practical, step-by-step processes to help you move beyond feeling hijacked, frozen, or drained by the voices that speak harshly to you. And you’ll develop a regular practice of being kinder to yourself.

Every day, for 21 days, you get short videos with helpful practices designed to support you in releasing old habits of self-criticism while developing self-compassion skills. If self-acceptance seems challenging, don’t worry — every day you’ll get real-world examples of what it sounds/looks/feels like to treat yourself with compassion.

Life is much harder when you have an inner critic telling you to feel bad about who you are. Join me and learn a loving, life-enhancing way to change how you experience self-criticism so you can move forward with more confidence, self-compassion, and inner peace.

Hear from Happy Students

This course is life-changing. Now I know I'm okay and I can be with whatever needs my presence and empathy." ~L.R.

Working with the inner critic is transformational! ~ Jackie S.

This course offers practical ways to easily shift unhappy things we do to ourselves when we're caught up in the Inner Critic. ~Katharine L.

I am blown away by the power of this material. ~Amy Russell

This is the most valuable Focusing class I have ever taken. ~C.L.


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