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Fields of Focus and the Bridge to Soul: Focusing and PSI

Through which lenses are you focusing? How do the different parts of self (physical, emotional, mental, personality) affect your focus? Together we explore these fields and resolve focusing issues through building a connection to soul.

Your Hosts

Event Image
Charlotte Howorth
Peter Levie

Your Hosts

Event Image
Charlotte Howorth
Peter Levie

Charlotte Howorth & Peter Levie


Online Joining Information

An invitation to the Zoom class will be sent out before each class via email.

Meeting Format

This online course over 3 weekends combines Focusing with Psycho-spiritual Synthesis and Illumination (     


1st Weekend - Connection:


3/28 10am-1pm EST

3/29 10am-1pm EST

Through the art of connection, we learn how the level, type, and form of connection affects perception, interaction, and degree of transformation. Where is your consciousness centered? How do your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and personality) affect your connection? What is the motive behind your connection?  As we unearth the deeper meaning of connection, a whole new world reveals itself, enabling greater range, capacity and clarity in healing work, and release from conditioning.


 2nd Weekend – Relationship:


5/2 10am-1pm EST

5/3 10am-1pm EST

Exploring the community of self, we discover how to discern energies and patterns as they play through the different bodies of a human being.  With a focus upon value, we learn together how to elevate our consciousness out of emotional limitation into the freedom of the heart. This helps us to build a deeper bond between the aspects of self and unite their focus through a bridge to soul. 


 3rd Weekend - Resolution:


6/6 10am-1pm EST

6/7 10am-1pm EST

Who am I? Considering self-identity, we gently expand our borders into new territory investigating the space of soul experientially.  A new sense of timing, rhythm, and the cycles of development arise as we grow from personality focus, to the power and purpose of soul focus.  This enables us to work with heart for the transformation of self, others and the world.



The course is $600 in total to be paid before starting in March.  

Registration Information

Email Charlotte at or call her on (USA) 347 489 9587

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